Regional partnerships.

Author:James, John A.
Position::Support from the Business Community

One of my great frustrations with our transportation system (or the lack thereof) in S.E. Michigan is that we have or have had the proper infrastructure and most of those necessary components to build a first class transportation system that would permit us to participate and compete in the global transportation network. We have a seaway that is under utilized, our rail routes are being abandoned and there is still public resistance to expanding both of our airports. After more than 12 years, the Detroit Intermodal Freight Terminal (D.I.F.T.) is still not a reality, and we do not seem to have the political will to fund and implement The Detroit River International Crossing (D.R.I.C.).


When I first became seriously involved in intermodalism in the mid '80's, I traveled across Europe and Africa to learn more about how global transportation systems work. One of the first lessons I learned is that...

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