Reflections on the 101 most influential Latino leaders: each year I look forward to reading through the 101 List.

Author:Schneider, Pablo

I enjoy reading about those I already know and especially those I don't know but now have on my radar. Reading through the 101 List prompted me to ask, what makes the 101 Influential?

The entertainers and athletes are influential because of their talent, their acclaim, and their fame. Those in government are influential because they touch the lives of all Americans through their executive, legislative, and judicial work. Those in finance are influential because of the resources they control. Those in business and corporate leadership are influential because they provide products, Services, and jobs to millions. Those in media are influential in conveying content and impacting worldviews. Those in non-profit organizations are influential because they serve those in need and advocate for Hispanic advancement. Those in health and Science are influential because they support well-being and advances in improving the human condition. Each of "the 101" has a compelling story and outstanding attributes. At the end of the day, one of the main things that make the 101 Influential is their ability to touch lives.

During my years in business, media, and leadership I've been blessed to know many of the "101 Influentials". Here are four examples of 101 honorees that have touched my life for many years and will undoubtedly continue to do so.

David Hayes Bautista has devoted over four decades to pioneering, world-class study of Latino health and culture. David has been a dear friend and mentor since the mid1980's. He is one of a handful of mentors who've had the biggest impact on who I am today. From serving as a faculty advisor for my masters project to speaking at the Renaissance Dinners in LA, David has been influential in my life for many years. He is not only influential in the lives of thousands of his students and mentees, he is influential on how Latinos are viewed in America.

Eva Guzman is the first Latina Supreme Court Justice in Texas history. Eva and I met in 2004 at a Hispanic leadership forum in Washington, D.C. Eva is an amazing servant leader who has an inspiring story of achieving the American dream through...

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