Refinish collector's item?

Author:John, Jeff

Q: I recently purchased a S&W Model 29.44 Magnum. From what I can tell by the serial number, it looks like my .44 was built in the first year of production (1955). The blue finish is beginning to flake off in some spots, and is definitely in need of refinishing. I have another, newer, 29-6. so I figured that the worn one would still be a fun shooter and be great for carrying in the woods where it might get damaged. So, my question is this: If in the future 1 decided to have the gun professionally refinished, in your opinion, would it detract from the value of the gun if it were reblued, or would I be better off leaving it in the condition it is in? I know there are a lot of variables, but could you give me a general idea?

Joe Swenson

Vancouver, Wash.

A: Few people can reblue a gun and achieve the same colors as the original factory. Some parts ore marked after polishing and the act of repolishing diminishes them. Not even S& W con duplicate the blue color...

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