Rees, Celia. Sorceress.

Author:Roser, Claire
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

(Sequel to Witch Child). Candlewick Press. 342p. c2002. 0-7636-1847-0. $15.99. JS*

Witch Child is set in Colonial New England, and is about intolerance among the Puritans who were quick to call any woman who was at all insubordinate a witch. The book was selected as an ALA Best Book for YAs. Sorceress captures every eye with the cover photograph of a proud young woman, a Native American. This photo introduces the novel about how a modern Mohawk woman, Agnes, is able to connect with Mary, from Witch Child, and tell the story of what happened to Mary after she escaped from the New England village many generations ago. This is possible because in Agnes's tribe the history of her people is preserved through stories told from one generation to another. Also, the legacy of Mary, as a healer and a spiritual leader, is preserved in the women who have come after her, down through the centuries even to Agnes's immediate family.

We learn through Agnes's visions that Mary is rescued by the Native Americans she had befriended in the forest, the old man and his grandson who taught Mary about the healing properties of...

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