New reentry philosophy guides Rhode Island.

Author:St. Gerard, Vanessa
Position::State News - Release of inmates - Brief Article

Where once the job of preparing inmates for release was the sole charge of the Rhode Island Department of Corrections, now the department is sharing the job with various other state and private agencies that often end up serving the same clientele anyway, reported The Providence Journal.

"Very few states around the country do anything meaningful to prepare offenders for returning home," said Madeline Carter, executive director of The Center for Effective Public Policy, a nonprofit agency based in Maryland, now advising the state DOC. "There hasn't been a strong emphasis on parole. In many places, it has all but evaporated." Rhode Island is an exception, she said, with its new philosophy.

The Family Life Center opened last year to help re-integrate former inmates into the community. Financed with a $2 million federal grant and other grants from private sources, it offers job-placement and housing services as well as substance abuse and family reunification counseling. Without some money in their pocket and a place to live, many...

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