Reed, Kit. The night children.

Author:Marler, Myrna
Position:Brief article - Children's review - Book review

REED, Kit. The night children. Tor, Starscape. 235p. c2008. 978-0-7653-2038-X. $17.95. JS

In this novel, gangs of children and teenagers secretly live in a giant mall that resembles, oh, say, Mall of America, a giant complex of consumerism that has sprung up in the middle of nowhere that is run by an evil, ugly, crippled, reclusive old man who hates children (think Howard Hughes). Surrounded by banks of security cameras, he watches the lives of these children play out as they scramble for food and shelter at night and hide from shoppers during the day. All the children have been mysteriously abandoned at the mall. No parents are looking for them, which it turns out is the result of vats of tranquilizers dumped into the drinking water. At any rate, the old man has an evil plan to cage all...

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