Red Fox at McCloskey's Farm.

Author:Broussard, Sherry T.
Position:Children's review - Book review

Work Title: Red Fox at McCloskey's Farm

Work Author(s): Brian Heinz; Chris Sheban, illustrator

Creative Editions

Color illustrations, 31 pages, Softcover $17.95

Children's Picture Book

ISBN: 156846195X

Reviewer: Sherry T. Broussard

Red Fox's dinner plans involve a visit to old McCloskey's farm in this delightful story, filled with action and such noisy movements as chickens flapping their wings and a howling dog. Old McCloskey hears the turmoil and adds to the boisterous action of the story by falling over a rocking chair while trying to locate the disturbance outside. He is wearing only his underwear and this scene will bring smiles to the children's faces.

The size and space of the rhyming text creates a story that is enjoyable to read. The oil colored illustrations provide a whimsical look on the characters' faces as they move from one scene to the next, showing many emotions such as fear, anger, and excitement. Red Fox is determined to have his way, and the hound dog and old McCloskey are determined to have theirs, as the story builds to its conclusion.

The author taught science and language arts to elementary students for years before writing more than a dozen children's books, including Cheyenne Medicine Hat. The illustrator has provided art for children's books like The...

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