Recruiting in a down market: make the economy work for you.

Author:Strohmeyer, Pam

In this difficult economy, companies are doing everything they can to cut costs. One of the first casualties is often their college recruitment program, in fact, a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers reported that campus recruiting is down 22 percent due to the economy and accounting internships are down 21 percent.


Even though this is bad news for college students, it may be even worse news for those firms who are making those cuts. Recruiting relationships benefit more than merely the students and universities they come from - they are a great advantage to the firms who implement them.

So what does your firm stand to lose if it cuts its college recruiting program? A great deal.

Internships are an excellent resource and smart firms that continue to utilize them can reap some great benefits. For example:

  1. Salary offering - in a weakened economy, firms are able to offer a lower pay rate or unpaid internship while utilizing the services of top prospects

  2. Better pick of the quality students - With larger more visible firms pulling back, there is a tremendous opportunity for smaller firms to have a chance to recruit top talent

  3. Solidifying relationships with top universities - When the economy bounces back, universities will remember those firms who stuck...

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