Author:Mucha, Michael J.

Are you a leader? Has your organization had success with implementing a best practice or achieving GFOAs standards for financial reporting or budget document transparency? If so, GFOA has several opportunities that we encourage you to apply for. We want to recognize GFOA members' success stories, and in so doing provide examples for all public finance officers. All award-winning submissions are displayed on GFOAs website and used as a reference for other governments. The GFOA website currently displays more than 4,500 CAFRs, 1,500 budgets, and 400 popular annual financial reports in a searchable, filterable format that allows governments to quickly identify peer organizations. If you are interested in GFOAs award winners, please visit

Do you want to provide an example and help advocate for GFOA's best practices? We want to hear from you! GFOA's Award for Excellence in Government Finance now recognizes governments for exceptionally well-implemented GFOA best practices that exemplify outstanding financial management in action. The awards stress practical, documented work that offers leadership to the profession and promotes improved public finance. Applications are available on GFOA's website through March 1, 2019, and award winners receive a free registration to our annual conference. Last year, nine governments...

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