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Author:Brousseau, Mark

Breaking the Cycle of Fraud--Learn how the "tone at the top" that leaders set and corporate culture are critical in mitigating fraud.

"The thing that causes people to cross over and start doing inappropriate accounting is rationalization. ... The goal is to discipline yourself not to rationalize inappropriate accounting, such as finding the gray area, which is the thing that causes people to cross over.... [Organizations] have to make integrity and honesty a part of the corporate culture. Employees want to please their boss, but if their boss is not sending out the message that ethical behavior is as important as making their numbers, that is how it gets off track ..."

--Aaron Beam--Former CFO, HealthSouth, speaker and author, HealthSouth: The Wagon to Disaster and The Ethics Playbook: Winning Ethically in Business CFOs in the Digital Age--Learn best practices for leaders to digitize their finance function to work more effectively and efficiently.

"Our strategic objective was to revamp our systems to be able to have real-time data, which we will get with our ERP and planning and budgeting cloud solutions. I'm going to be able to change my people from scorekeepers to valued business partners who will look at that data and be able to do...

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