Recent journal literature

Date01 June 2022
“Recent Journal Literature” lists recently published law
review and other legal periodical articles. Within subject-
matter categories, entries are listed alphabetically by
author or title. Articles are listed first, followed by com-
ments, notes, symposia, surveys, and bibliographies.
Campbell, Nathan, e Duty to Update Corporate Emissions
Pledges, 74 V. L. R. 1137 (2021).
Emlein, Maye C., Rising to the Challenge: Managed Retreat
and the Takings Clause in Maine’s Climate Change Era,
73 M. L. R. 169 (2020).
Gerrard, Michael et al., West Virginia v. Environmental Pro-
tection Agency: e Agency’s Climate Authority, 52 ELR
10429 (June 2022).
Manning, Joseph, Climate Torts: It’s a Conspiracy!, 62 B.C. L.
R. 941 (2021).
Sappey, Julia E., Greening the Trust: Enforcing Pennsylvania’s
Environmental Rights and Duties to Combat Climate
Change, 62 W.  M L. R. 1691 (2021).
Scanlan, Melissa K., Climate Risk Is Investment Risk, 36 J.
E’ L.  L. 1 (2021).
Williams, Cynthia A., ESG and Climate Change Blind Spots:
Turning the Corner on SEC Disclosure, 99 T. L. R.
1453 (2021).
Zaman, Sharaban Tahura, Legal Protection for the Cross-Bor-
der Climate-Induced Population Movement in South Asia:
Exploring a Durable Solution, 36 J. E’ L.  L.
187 (2021).
Cordero Heredia, David A. & Nicholas Koeppen, Oil Ex-
traction, Indigenous Peoples Living in Voluntary Isolation,
and Genocide: e Case of the Tagaeri and Taromenane
Peoples, 34 H. H. R. J. 117 (2021).
Dornfeld, Richard E.B. & Cory J. Marsolek, A Kafkaesque
Process? FERC Jurisdiction During Chapter 11 Bankrupt-
cy, 46 M H L. R. 1 (2019).
Kahlert, Kate, Transportation Electrication: An Examination
of the Utility’s Role, 46 M H L. R. 91
Kingston, Hudson B., Strictly Leakage: How Minnesota
Export Subsidies Pay for Climate Pollution, 46 M
H L. R. 238 (2019).
Klass, Alexandra B. & Shantal Pai, e Law of Energy Ex-
ports, 109 C. L. R. 733 (2021).
Raun, Peter W., Fiddling With the Switch: Why Critical
Infrastructure Protection Standard CIP-008-6 Should Be
Adjusted to Achieve Its Goal of Maintaining and Promot-
ing a Robust American Bulk Power System, 106 I L.
R. 2079 (2021).
Reck, Nathan, Electric Vehicles, Infrastructure Electrication
and the Urban-Rural Divide, 23 SMU S.  T. L.
R. 77 (2020).
Reimer, Jake, Termination: A Solution to Canadian Entitle-
ment Valuation Disputes, 22 O. R. I’ L. 223
Robertson, Heidi Gorovitz, Cities and Citizens Seethe:
A Case Study of Local Eorts to Inuence Natural Gas
Pipeline Routing Decisions, 122 W. V. L. R. 881
Rogers, Katherine L., New York’s Time to Shine: Turning
Weakness in State Solar Energy Policy Into an Opportunity
for National Leadership, 29 C J. L.  P. P’
237 (2019).
Troncoso, Sebastián Luengo, Regulatory Uncertainty and
New Source Performance Standards on Methane, 52 ELR
10453 (June 2022).
Warren, Gina S., Hotboxing the Polar Bear: e Energy and
Climate Impacts of Indoor Marijuana Cultivation,
101 B.U. L. R. 979 (2021).
White, Aaron P.B., Using Skidmore to Dance Around the
Chevron Two-Step: Sinclair Wyoming Ref. Co. v. U.S.
EPA, 46 M H L. R. 201 (2019).
Flynn, Palden & Michael Barsa, State Citizen Suits, Standing,
and the Underutilization of State Environmental Law,
52 ELR 10473 (June 2022).
Gartner, David, States, Localities and Public Health, 122 W.
V. L. R. 965 (2020).
Grier, Laura et al., Community Input on State Environmental
Justice Screening Tools, 52 ELR 10441 (June 2022).
Jodoin, Sebastien, Transnational Legal Process and Discourse
in Environmental Governance: e Case of REDD+ in
Tanzania, 44 L  S. I 1019 (2019).
Minha, Donna, e Possibility of Prosecuting Corporations for
Climate Crimes Before the International Criminal Court:
All Roads Lead to the Rome Statute?, 41 M. J. I’ L.
491 (2020).
Olusegun, Olaitan O., e Eect of Environmental Damage
on Children in Armed Conicts, 36 J. E’ L.  L.
155 (2021).
Teixeira, Rita Guerreiro, e Role of International Organiza-
tions in the Development of International Environmental
Law: Adjusting the Lenses of Analysis, 53 C W. R. J.
I’ L. 237 (2021).
Uddin, Mahatab & Saleemul Huq, Protecting Soft Adaptation
Technologies Under Intellectual Property Rights Systems,
25 I. P.  T. L.J. 19 (2020).
Voight, Morgan, e Standing Dead: An Analysis of Nonhu-
man Personhood in U.S. Jurisprudence, 46 M
H L. R. 129 (2019).
Waldron, Luke Michael, Environmental Governance Under
the New NAFTA, 30 J. T’ L.  P’ 151
Copyright © 2022 Environmental Law Institute®, Washington, DC. Reprinted with permission from ELR®,, 1-800-433-5120.

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