Recent journal literature

Date01 April 2022
“Recent Journal Literature” lists recently published law
review and other legal periodical articles. Within subject-
matter categories, entries are listed alphabetically by
author or title. Articles are listed first, followed by com-
ments, notes, symposia, surveys, and bibliographies.
Spiegel-Feld, Danielle & Katrina M. Wyman, Building Better
Building Performance Standards, 52 ELR 10268 (Apr.
Chung, Christine Sgarlata, Rising Tides and Rearranging
Deckchairs: How Climate Change Is Reshaping Infrastruc-
ture Finance and reatening to Sink Municipal Budgets,
32 G. E’ L. R. 165 (2020).
DiSalvo, Charles R., Climate Change Disobedience, 30 U.
F. J.L.  P. P’ 279 (2020).
Horner, Katherine G., A Climate of Lawlessness” Upholding a
Government’s Armative Duty to Protect the Environment
Using Deshaney’s Special Relationship Exception, 29 J.L.
 P’ 285 (2020).
Morrison, Fred K. et al., Climate Change Science and the
Daubert Standard, 44 W.  M E’ L.  P’
R. 391 (2020).
Rehwaldt, James E.A., Using Issue Certication Against a
Defendant Class to Establish Causation in Climate Change
Litigation, 52 ELR 10292 (Apr. 2022).
Tsuji, Yuichiro, Climate Change Action and Adaptation in
Tokyo, 11 W. J. E’ L.  P’ 89 (2020).
Abid, Yosra, Reection on Shale Gas Fracking Risk Assessment
and Management in the United States, 11 W. J. E’
L.  P’ 1 (2020).
Burger, Michael & Jessica Wentz, Evaluating the Eects of
Fossil Fuel Supply Projects on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
and Climate Change Under NEPA, 44 W.  M
E’ L.  P’ R. 423 (2020).
Fellus, Molly Blei, Time-of-Need and Amount-of-Need:
Overcoming Two Key Issues With Deploying Clean, Renew-
able Electricity Generation, 32 G. E’ L. R. 369
Grau, Georey Robert, A Necessary Negative: Analysis of the
Tidewater Virginia Surry-Skies Creek Transmission Tower
Litigation, 44 W.  M E’ L.  P’ R. 621
Hall, Keith B., Decommissioning of Oshore Oil and Gas
Facilities in the United States, 14 C L. R.
437 (2020).
Oxford, Adam D., Tools for Regulators in a Changing Climate:
Proposed Standards, State Policies, and Case Studies From
the Western Grid, 32 G. E’ L. R. 227 (2020).
Scholz, Lauren Henry, Big Data Is Not Big Oil: e Role of
Analogy in the Law of New Technologies, 86 T. L.
R. 863 (2019).
Stenberg, Carl, Energy Transmissions and the Future of
Nuclear Energy: A Case for Small Modular Reactors,
11 W. J. E’ L.  P’ 57 (2020).
Turchetti, Cecilia, Here Comes the Sun: Bringing Eciency
and Renewable Energy Solutions to Aordable Housing in
the U.S., 32 G. E’ L. R. 399 (2020).
Ben-Asher, Noa, Trauma-Centered Social Justice, 95 T. L.
R. 95 (2020).
Borges, Julio, e Politics of Cost-Benet Analysis: A Risky Bet
for Environmental Law and Policy in Brazil, 44 W. 
M E’ L.  P’ R. 559 (2020).
Brightbill, Jonathan et al., Year One Review of the Biden
Administration, 52 ELR 10257 (Apr. 2022).
Chertok, Mark A. et al., Environmental Law: Developments
in the Law of SEQRA, 70 S L. R. 329 (2020).
Delgado Gutiérrez, Dino, Trade Agreements and Environment
in Latin America, 52 ELR 10311 (Apr. 2022).
Dernbach, John. C., inking Anew About the Environmental
Rights Amendment: An Analysis of Recent Commonwealth
Court Decisions, 30 W C. L. R. 147
Friedman, Leora, Recommending Judicial Reconstruction of
Title VI to Curb Environmental Racism: A Recklessness-
Based eory of Discriminatory Intent, 32 G. E’ L.
R. 421 (2020).
Mantilla, Yuri, Indigenous Peoples’ Diplomacy, Mediation,
and Conciliation as a Response to the I.C.J. Decision in
the Obligation to Negotiate Access to the Pacic Ocean
Case, 51 C. W. I’ L.J. 29 (2020).
Walayat, Aaron J., From Restraint to Obligation: Protection of
the Environment in Armed Conict, 14 C L.
R. 465 (2020).
Bertrand, Annelise, Proxy War: e Role of Recent CEQA Ex-
emptions in Fixing California’s Housing Crisis, 53 C.
J.L.  S. P. 413 (2020).
De Barbieri, Edward W., Opportunism Zones, 39 Y L. 
P’ R. 82 (2020).
Ellickson, Robert C., e Zoning Straightjacket: e Freezing
of American Neighborhoods of Single-Family Houses,
96 I. L.J. 395 (2021).
Erwin, John A. & Robert Glennon, Feeding the World: How
Changes in Biotech Regulation Can Jump-Start the
Second Green Revolution and Diversify the Agricultural
Industry, 44 W.  M E’ L.  P’ R. 327
Finney, Bradley R., Agricultural Law Sties Innovation and
Competition, 72 A. L. R. 785 (2021).
Copyright © 2022 Environmental Law Institute®, Washington, DC. Reprinted with permission from ELR®,, 1-800-433-5120.

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