Recent journal literature

Date01 February 2022
“Recent Journal Literature” lists recently published law
review and other legal periodical articles. Within subject-
matter categories, entries are listed alphabetically by author
or title. Articles are listed rst, followed by comments, notes,
symposia, surveys, and bibliographies.
Chavez, Anthony E., Lessons From Renewable Energy Diu-
sion for Carbon Dioxide Removal Development,
32 F E’ L. R. 46 (2020).
Makuch, Zen et al., Innovative Regulatory and Financial
Parameters for Advancing Carbon Capture and Storage
Technologies, 32 F E’ L. R. 1 (2020).
Monast, Jonas J., e Ends and Means of Decarbonization:
e Green New Deal in Context, 50 E’ L. 21
Agrawal, Binit, Regaining Control Over the Climate Change
Narrative: How to Stop Right-Wing Populism From Erod-
ing Rule of Law in the Climate Struggle in India,
32 F E’ L. R. 136 (2020).
Fleming Joseph Z., Climate Change Maintainability Will
Construct an Empire in Which the Concrete Never Sets,
Causing Concrete Injuries Necessitating Judicial Relief
and en, Building Upon Such Relief, Creative Executive
and Legislative Reforms, 35 J. L U  E’ L. 141
Hsu, Shi-Ling, Climate Triage: A Resources Trust to Address
Inequality in a Climate-Changed World, 50 E’ L. 97
Kahn, Steven, Displacing an Incomplete Complete Preemption
and Displacement Analysis: Doctrinal Errors and Miscon-
ceptions in the Second Wave of State Climate Tort Litiga-
tion, 35 J. L U  E’ L. 169 (2020).
Lehner, Peter H. & Nathan A. Rosenberg, e Climate Crisis
and Agriculture, 52 ELR 10096 (Feb. 2022).
Ahn, Eddie et al., Environmental Justice Roadblocks on Cali-
fornia’s Path Toward Zero Emissions, 46 E L.Q.
955 (2019).
Bowman, Warigia M., Dust in the Wind: Regulation as an
Essential Component of a Sustainable and Robust Wind
Program, 69 U. K. L. R. 45 (2020).
Bryner, Nicholas S., e Green New Deal and Green Transi-
tions, 44 V. L. R. 723 (2020).
DeVar, Subin G., Equitable Community Solar: California and
Beyond, 46 E L.Q. 1017 (2019).
Donnelly, Patrick et al., Renewable Energy and Biodiversity
Conservation, 52 ELR 10079 (Feb. 2022).
Ferrey, Steven, e “Green New Deal”: Constitutional Limita-
tions: Rerouting Green Technology, 44 V. L. R. 777
McGee, Alexandra & Shalini Swaroop, e Power of Power:
Democratizing California’s Energy Economy to Align With
Environmental Justice Principles rough Community
Choice Aggregation, 46 E L.Q. 985 (2019).
Metz, Matthew & Janelle London, EV Incentive Policies
Should Target Reducing Gasoline Use, 52 ELR 10089
(Feb. 2022).
Mormann, Felix, Beyond Algorithms: Toward a Normative e-
ory of Automated Regulation, 62 B.C. L. R. 1 (2021).
Ruhl, J.B. & James Salzman, What Happens When the Green
New Deal Meets the Old Green Laws?, 44 V. L. R.
693 (2020).
Taghdiri, Arya, e Cost of Innovation: Why Bitcoin Mining
Requires International Regulation, 50 T. E’ L.J. 181
Welton, Shelley, Rethinking Grid Governance for the Climate
Change Era, 109 C. L. R. 209 (2021).
Acevedo, Ruby et al., What We’re Up Against, 46 E
L.Q. 935 (2019).
Ahmed, Ishtiaque, Unmasking the Critical Participants in
Shipbreaking Industry for Apportioning eir Role in Law
and Policy Making: A Perspective From Bangladesh,
47 T. L.J. 43 (2020).
Cotula, Lorenzo, Between Hope and Critique: Human Rights,
Social Justice and Re-Imagining International Law From
the Bottom Up, 48 G. J. I’  C. L. 473 (2020).
Fitzgerald, Edward A., San Diego Border Infrastructure Envi-
ronmental Litigation: Return of the Walking Dead,
50 E’ L. 151 (2020).
Leon, Rey et al., is Is the Moment of Truth, 46 E
L.Q. 973 (2019).
Vasquez, Irene A., Restoring Reciprocal Relationships for Social
and Ecological Health, 46 E L.Q. 1049 (2019).
Zrzavy, Ariana et al., Addressing Cumulative Impacts: Lessons
From Environmental Justice Screening Tool Development
and Resistance, 52 ELR 10111 (Feb. 2022).
Brady, Maureen E., Turning Neighbors Into Nuisances,
134 H. L. R. 1609 (2021).
Bronin, Sara C., Comprehensive Rezonings, 2019 BYU L.
R. 725 (2019).
Davidson, Nestor M. & Timothy M. Mulvaney, Takings
Localism, 121 C. L. R. 215 (2021).
Givens, John Wagner & Debra Lam, Smarter Cities or Bigger
Brother? How the Race for Smart Cities Could Determine
the Future of China, Democracy, and Privacy, 47 F-
 U. L.J. 829 (2020).
Gleckel, Jareb A. & Sherry F. Colb, e Meaning of Meat,
26 A L. 75 (2020).
Metzger, Charlie, “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore”: Using State
and Local Power to Fulll the Potential of the Opportunity
Zone Program, 47 F U. L.J. 1121 (2020).
Copyright © 2022 Environmental Law Institute®, Washington, DC. Reprinted with permission from ELR®,, 1-800-433-5120.

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