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Date01 January 2019
1-2019 NEWS & ANALYSIS 49 ELR 10101
“Recent Journal Literature” lists recently published law
review and other legal periodical articles. Within subject-
matter categories, entries are listed alphabetically by author
or title. Articles are listed rst, followed by comments, notes,
symposia, surveys, and bibliographies.
Bodansky, Daniel, e Role of the Inte rnational Court of Justice
in Addressing Climate Change: Some Preliminary Reec-
tions, 49 A. S. L.J. 689 (2017).
Cruden, John C., e Work of the Department of Justice Envi-
ronmental and Natural Resources Division: Promoting
Environmental Rule of Law and the Advancement of Sus-
tainable Development Goals, 12 S.C. J. I’ L.  B.
145 (2 016).
Leal-Arca s, Rafael, Sustainability, Common Concern, and
Public Goods, 49 G. W. I’ L. R. 801 ( 2017).
Rubin, Edward L., Rejecting Climate Change: Not Science
Denial, but Regulation Phobia, 32 J. L U  E .
L. 103 (2016).
Abraha mian, Tanya, Gas Leak!: A C ost-Benet Analysis of Liq-
ueed Natural Gas Exports, 15 G. J.L.  P. P’
671 (2017).
Cardenas-Ga rcia, Julian & Julia Valencia, Event Summary:
ird Annual Houston Conference on Oil and Gas Invest-
ment Arbitration,39 H. J. I’ L. 411 (2017).
Cusack, Kathleen M., A Sparking Debate in Europe: Looking
to the Future of the Internal Energy Market of the EU, 42
N.C. J. I’ L. 853 (2017).
Freeman, Jody, e Uncomfortable Convergence of Energ y
and Environmental Law, 41 H. E. L . R. 339
Gellerson, Tessa, Extraterritoriality and the Electric Grid:
North Dakota v. Heydinger, a Case Study for Stat e Energy
Regulation, 41 H. E . L. R. 563 (2017).
Hyatt, Jacqueline F., e Energy-Water Nexus: Water Regu-
lation in the Wake of Mexico’s Hydrocarbon Reform, 39
H. J. I’ L. 695 (2017).
Klass, A lexandra B. & Jim Rossi, Reconstituting the Federal-
ism Battle in Energ y Transportation, 41 H . E . L.
R. 423 (2017).
Macbeth, Hampden, Saving Obamacare Did Not Bake the
Earth: Applying the Supreme Court’s King v. Burwell
Framework to the Conicting Amendments at the Heart of
the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, 32 J. L U  E .
L. 231 (2016).
Moore, Tirrill, Integrating Distributed Energ y Resources: A
State Regulatory Overview, 29 G. E . L. R. 573
Scott, Deborah, Framing and Responding to Scientic Uncer-
tainties: Biofuels and Synthetic Biology at the Convention
on Biological Diversity, 56 J 245 (2016).
Skelley, James, Coordinating the Oshore Energy Transition:
A Legal Economic Framework, 23 B.U. J. S.  T. L.
241 (2017).
Tomassetti, Jazz M., We’re All in is Together: A Fair Share
Approach to Renewable Energ y, 32 J. L U  E .
L. 193 (2016).
Wright, David V., Carbonated Fodder: e Social Cost of Car-
bon in Canadian and U.S. Regulatory Decision-Making,
29 G. E . L. R. 513 (2017).
Capaldi, Nic holas, A Critique of Pope Francis’s Laudato si’, 40
S  U. L. R. 1261 (2016).
Chan, Teresa et al., Determining Climate Responsibility: Gov-
ernment Liability for Hurricane K atrina?, 49 ELR 10005
(Ja n. 2019).
Ehrman, Monika U., Earthquakes in t he Oilpatch: e Regula-
tory and Legal Issues Arising Out of O il and Gas Operation
Induced Seismicity, 33 G. S. U. L. R. 609 (2017).
Erdem, Mete, Enforcing Conventional Humanitarian Law for
Environmental Damage During Internal Armed Conict ,
29 G. E . L. R. 435 (2017).
Holley, William H., Starting From Scratch: Rea sserting “Indian
Country” in Alaska by Placing Ala ska Nativve Land Into
Tru s t, 11 F. AM U. L. R . 333 (2016).
Lamdan, Sara h, Beyond FOIA: Improving Access to Environ-
mental Information in the United States, 29 G. E .
L. R. 481 (2017).
Marchant, Gar y E. & Karen Brad shaw, e Short-Term
Temptations and Long-Term Risks of Environmental Cata-
strophism, 56 J 345 (2016).
Myers, Kirsten Z., Removing the Mass Misperception: A Con-
sideration of Mass Environmental Torts and Removal Juris-
diction Under the Class Action Fairness Act, 51 V. U. L.
R. 161 (2016 ).
Passoni, Cristina et al., Empowering the Inspection Panel: e
Impact of the World Bank’s New Environmental and Soc ial
Safeguards, 49 N.Y.U. J. I’ L.  P. 921 (2017).
Roth, Timothy A., Major Questions Doctrine: Implications for
Separation of Powers and the Clean Power Plan, 29 G.
E . L. R. 555 (2017 ).
Scott, Inara et al., Environmental Law. Disrupted., 49 ELR
10038 (Jan. 2019).
Stern, Scott W., Standing for Everyone: Sierra Club v. Mor-
ton, Justice Blackmun’s Dissent, and Solving the Problem
of Environmental Standing, 49 ELR 10063 (Jan. 2019).
Warren, Patrick John, An Alternative Approach to Transfer-
able Development Rights Systems, 32 C. J. I’ L.
217 (2017 ).
Copyright © 2019 Environmental Law Institute®, Washington, DC. Reprinted with permission from ELR®,, 1-800-433-5120.

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