Recent journal literature

Date01 June 2016
6-2016 NEWS & ANALYSIS 46 ELR 10533
“Recent Journal Literature” lists recently published law
review and other legal periodical articles. Within subject-
matter categories, entries are listed alphabetically by author
or title. Articles are listed rst, followed by comments, notes,
symposia, surveys, and bibliographies.
Hahn, Rober t W. & Robert A. R itz, Does the Social Cost of
Carbon Matter? Evidence From U.S. Policy, 44 J. L
S. 229 (2015).
McGarity, omas O., Science and Policy in Setting National
Ambient Air Quality Standards: Resolving the Ozone
Enigma, 93 T. L. R. 1783 (2015).
Valentine, Elizabeth Fuller, Arguments in Support of a Consti-
tutional Right to Atmospheric Integrity, 32 P E.
L. R. 56 (2015).
Castillo, Kassa ndra, Climate Change and the Public Trust
Doctrine: An Analysis of Atmospheric Trust Litigation, 6
S D J. C   E L. 221 (2014-2015).
Mounteer, Tom et al., Informing Investors of Climate Risk: e
Impact of Securities Laws in the Environmental Context,
46 ELR 10455 (June 2016).
Osofsky, Hari M., Rethinking the Geography of Local Climate
Action: Multilevel Network Participation in Metropolitan
Regions, 2015 U L. R . 173 (2015).
Wright, David V., Cross-Border Constraints on Climate Change
Agreements: Legal Risks in the California-Quebec Cap-and-
Trade Linkage, 46 ELR 10478 (June 2016).
David, Diana Coronel, Green Energy in Indian Country as a
Double-Edged Sword for Native Americans: Drawing on
the Inter-American and Columbian Legal Systems to Rede-
ne the Right to Consultation, 38 E: E. L. 
P’ J. 223 (2015).
Hodges, Nicholas, Multi-Tiered Preemption: Regulating Frack-
ing at the Federal, State, and Local Levels, 38 E :
E. L.  P’ J. 167 (2015).
Klass, Alex andra B., e Electric Grid at a Crossroads: A
Regional Approach to Siting Transmission Lines, 48 UC
D L. R. 1895 (2015).
Klass, Alex andra B. & Elizabeth J. Wilson, Energy Consump-
tion Data: e Key to Improved Energy Eciency, 6 S
D J. C   E L. 69 (2014-2015).
Ruiz, Samantha et al., Pr omoting Clean Reliable Energy
rough Smart Technology and Policies: Lessons From
ree Distributed Energ y Case Studies, 6 S D J.
C  E L. 39 (2014-2015).
Rule, Troy A., Solar Energy, Utilities, and Fairness, 6 S
D J. C   E L. 115 (2014-2015).
Sachs, Noah M., Should the United States Create Trading Mar-
kets for Energy Ecienc y?, 46 ELR 10466 (June 2016).
Stroud, S. Shane, e Keystone XL Pipeline and the Dormant
Commerce Clause: Would Action by Congress Preclu de
Adequate Environmental Regulation at the State Level?,
2015 U L. R . 271 (2015).
Sullivan, Julia E., e Intersection of Federally Regulated Power
Markets and State Energy and Environmental Goals, 26
F E . L. R. 474 (2015).
Susskind, L awrence & Ryan Cook, e Cost of Contentious-
ness: A Status Report on O shore Wind in the Eastern
United States, 33 V. E. L.J. 204 (2015).
Tigue, Cassie, Wind Energy Development and Protection of
Wildlife: Creating a Balance Between Two Competing
Interests, 45 T. E. L .J. 223 (2015).
Van Nostrand, James M., Getting to Utility 2.0: Rebooting the
Retail Electric Utility in the U.S., 6 S D J. C-
  E L . 149 (2014-2015).
Winmill, Je, Electric Utilities and Dist ributed Energ y
Resources—O pportunities and Challenges, 6 S D J.
C  E L. 199 (2014-2015).
Chertok, Mark A. & Da niel Mach, Environmental Law:
Developments in the Law of SEQRA, 65 S L. R.
749 (2015).
Fisher, Elizabeth et al., Rethinking Judicial Review of Expert
Agencies, 93 T. L. R. 1681 (2015).
Freiman, Christopher, Cost-Benet Analysis and the Value of
Environmental Goods, 13 G. J. L .  P. P’ 337
Jannu, Navya, India’s National Green Tribunal: Human Rights
and the Merits of an Environmental Court, 46 ELR 10474
(June 2016).
Kuh, Katri na Fischer, Environmental Privac y, 2015 U L.
R. 1 (2015).
Lin, Albert C., Myths of Environmental Law, 2015 U L.
R. 45 (2015).
Mintz, Joel A., Running on Fumes: e Development of New
EPA Regulations in an Era of Scarcity, 46 ELR 10510
(June 2016).
Paasivirta, Esa, e Eur opean Union and the United Nations
Convention on the Law of the Sea, 38 F I’ L.J.
1045 (2015).
Bukac, Alexander, Fracking and the Public Trust Doctrine:
is Land Is  eir Land, but After Robinson, Might is
Land Really Be Our Land?, 49 U.S.F. L. R. 361 (2015).
Copyright © 2016 Environmental Law Institute®, Washington, DC. Reprinted with permission from ELR®,, 1-800-433-5120.

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