Recent journal literature

Date01 December 2020
“Recent Journal Literature” lists recently published law
review and other legal periodical articles. Within subject-
matter categories, entries are listed alphabetically by author or
title. Articles are listed rst, followed by
comments, notes, symposia, surveys, and bibliographies.
Abate, Randall S., Atmospheric Trust Litigation: Foundation
for a Constitutional Right to a Stable Climate System?,
10 G. W. J. E  E. L. 33 (2019).
Arlota, Carolina, How President Trump’s War on Science Un-
dermines Cost-Benet Analysis of Climate Policies, 50 ELR
10999 (Dec. 2020).
Flatt, Victor & Richard O. Zerbe, Climate Change Common
Law Nuisance Suits: A Legal-Eciency Analysis,
49 E. L. 683 (2019).
Hill, Barry E., Environmental Rights, Public Trust, and Public
Nuisance: Addressing Climate Injustices rough State
Climate Liability Litigation, 50 ELR 11022 (Dec. 2020).
Kapnick, Sarah et al., Extreme Weather and Climate Change,
50 ELR 10963 (Dec. 2020).
Chartier-Hogancamp, Valerie L., Fairness and Justice: Dis-
crepancies in Eminent Domain for Oil and Natural Gas
Pipelines, 49 T. E. L.J. 67 (2019).
Clark, Matthew, Banning Coal: Analyzing the Eradication of
Coal in North America, 49 T. E. L.J. 101 (2019).
Spence, David B., Regulation and the New Politics of (Energy)
Market Entry, 95 N D L. R. 327 (2019).
Turney, John B. & Kimberly Saindon, Air Quality: Proposed
Repeal of Clean Power Plan, 49 T. E. L.J. 159
Valentine, Sean, Geophysical Trespass, Privacy, and Drones
in Oil and Gas Exploration, 84 J. A L.  C. 507
Caverly, Isaac T., Water, Water Everywhere, but Not a Straw
to Drink: How the Americans With Disabilities Act Serves
as a Limitation on Plastic Straw Bans, 105 I L. R.
369 (2019).
Craig, Robin Kundis, Constitutional Environmental Law,
or, the Constitutional Consequences of Insisting at the
Environment Is Everybody’s Business, 49 E. L. 703
Delaney, Danielle, Under Coyote’s Mask: Environmental Law,
Indigenous Identity, and #NODAPL, 24 M. J. R
 L. 299 (2019).
Funk, William, Is the Environmental Appeals Board Unconsti-
tutional or Unlawful?, 49 E. L. 737 (2019).
Funk, William, Slip Slidin’ Away: e Erosion of APA Adju-
dication, 38 J. N’ A’ A. L. J 101
Gunz, Brian, Administrative Nonacquiescence and EPA,
10 G. W. J. E  E. L. 1 (2019).
Human, James L., e Public Trust Doctrine: A Brief (and
True) History, 10 G. W. J. E  E. L. 15
Ingram, Carrie Townsend, Chevron Deference in the States:
Lessons From ree States, 38 J. N’ A’ A. L.
J 1 (2018).
Jacobson, Rachel & Matthew F. Ferraro, Environmental De-
coniction 2020: e National Defense Authorization Act
for FY 2020, 50 ELR 10983 (Dec. 2020).
Jarchow, Tegan, International Trade Agreements and the Envi-
ronment: A NAFTA and NAAEC Case Study, 24 D
J. A. L. 319 (2019).
Johnston, Craig N., Ensuring Compliance: Equitable Relief
in the Face of Violations of Substantive Environmental
Standards, 49 E. L. 793 (2019).
Revesz, Richard L., Congress and the Executive: Challenging
the Anti-Regulatory Narrative, 2018 M. S. L. R.
795 (2018).
Ryan, Erin, From Mono Lake to the Atmospheric Trust:
Navigating the Public and Private Interests in Public Trust
Resource Commons, 10 G. W. J. E  E.
L. 39 (2019).
Stansberry, Ross A., e APA as an Environmental Law,
49 E. L. 805 (2019).
Symposium, e Role of International Courts in Protecting En-
vironmental Commons, 41 U. H. L. R. 243 (2019).
Bradley, James D. et al., Agriculture and Environmental Law:
Focusing on Defense Strategies, 24 D J. A. L. 7
Broad Leib, Emily M. & Margot J. Pollans, e New Food
Safety, 107 C. L. R. 1173 (2019).
Cox, Edward E., Corporate and Trust Ownership of Farm-
land: An Examination of Fiduciary Duties Applied to Soil
Health and Conservation, 24 D J. A. L. 31
Gines, Katelin B., Food Waste: A Regulatory Game?,
24 D J. A. L. 97 (2019).
Hamilton, Neil D., Eight Steps to Understanding the Evolu-
tion of Sustainable Agriculture in the United States,
24 D J. A. L. 67 (2019).
Kim, Iljoong & Hojun Lee, Constitutional Principles of
Regulatory Takings: A Utilitarian Perspective, 26 S. C.
E. R. 81 (2019).
Massner, Kyler, New Kid on the Block: How Blockchain Can
Improve the United States Food Sector, 24 D J. A-
. L. 341 (2019).
Copyright © 2020 Environmental Law Institute®, Washington, DC. Reprinted with permission from ELR®,, 1-800-433-5120.

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