Recent journal literature

Date01 March 2021
“Recent Journal Literature” lists recently published law
review and other legal periodical articles. Within subject-
matter categories, entries are listed alphabetically by author
or title. Articles are listed rst, followed by comments, notes,
symposia, surveys, and bibliographies.
Brown, Shelby E., IMO 2020: Industry Conditions and
Readiness, 44 T. M. L.J. 145 (2019).
Tsosie, Rebecca, Indigenous Sustainability and Resilience to
Climate Extremes: Traditional Knowledge and the Systems
of Survival, 51 C. L. R. 1009 (2019).
Cawley, Brian P., Damning the Mekong: Project Finance’s
Inability to Cure the Steep Costs of Hydropower Develop-
ment in the Mekong River Basin, 2019 W. L. R. 1309
Coleman, James W., e ird Age of Oil and Gas Law,
95 I. L.J. 389 (2020).
Demmerle, Amanda P., Pain in the Ash: How Coal-Fired
Power Plants Are Polluting Our Nation’s Waters Without
Consequences, 122 W. V. L. R. 289 (2019).
Gosman, Sara, Planning for Failure: Pipelines, Risk, and the
Energy Revolution, 81 O S. L.J. 340 (2020).
Luscher, Mary-Grace, ere’s Nothing Wrong With Mayberry:
Using the Kentucky Coal Fields Endowment Fund to Pro-
mote Localized Economies in Eastern Kentucky,
58 U. L L. R. 203 (2019).
Ormiston, John A., e Clean Power Plan Autopsy: Lessons
the Aordable Clean Energy Rule Can Learn From Its
Deceased Predecessor, 98 T. L. R. 791 (2020).
Pskowski, Rebecca Prentiss, Bad Bunker: Fuel Contamination
Claims, IMO 2020, and the Houston Problem, 44 T.
M. L.J. 217 (2019).
Schremmer, Joseph A., Getting Past Possession: Subsurface Prop-
erty Disputes as Nuisances, 95 W. L. R. 315 (2020).
Warner, Elizabeth Ann Kronk, Tribal Treaty Rights: A Power-
ful Tool in Challenges to Energy Infrastructure, 51 C.
L. R. 843 (2019).
Balkin, Rosalie & Akiko Yoshida, e 1971 IOPC Fund—
e Road to Dissolution of an Intergovernmental Organi-
zation, 44 T. M. L.J. 1 (2019).
Chung, Ha, Moving CEQA Away From Judicial Enforcement:
Proposal for a Dedicated CEQA Agency to Address Exclu-
sionary Use of CEQA, 93 S. C. L. R. 307 (2020).
Condon, Madison, Externalities and the Common Owner,
95 W. L. R. 1 (2020).
Gille, Caroline et al., Leveraging Science to Inform Proactive
and Reactive Risk Management, 51 ELR 10198
(Mar. 2021).
Guzelian, Christopher P., e Dollar’s Deadly Laws at
Cause Poverty and Destroy the Environment, 98 N. L.
R. 56 (2019).
Hornung, Daniel, Agency Lawyers’ Answers to the Major Ques-
tions Doctrine, 37 Y J.  R. 759 (2020).
Iyer, Vidhya V., Embrace a Gift of Nature: A Proposal for
Commercializing Natural Eco-Dyes for the Textile Indus-
try, 31 G. I’ E’ L. R. 725 (2019).
Lee, Charles, Confronting Disproportionate Impacts and
Systemic Racism in Environmental Policy, 51 ELR 10207
(Mar. 2021).
ompson, M. Jordan & Chelsea L.M. Colwyn, Living
Sqelixw: Defending the Land With Tribal Law, 51 C.
L. R. 889 (2019).
Winder, Shany, Extraordinary Policy Making Powers of the
Executive Branch: A New Approach, 37 V. E’ L.J.
207 (2019).
Domike, Julie et al., State Clean Transportation Initiatives,
51 ELR 10181 (Mar. 2021).
Drabiak, Katherine, Roundup Litigation: Using Discovery
to Dissolve Doubt, 31 G. I’ E’ L. R. 697
Geiszler, Shelley, Nuisance Most Fowl: e Problem With
Chicago’s Permissive Livestock Ordinance and How to Fix
It, 95 C.-K L. R. 367 (2020).
Jay, Jessica E., Down the Rabbit Hole With the IRS’ Challenge
to Perpetual Conservation Easements, Part Two, 51 ELR
10239 (Mar. 2021).
Rosser, Ezra, Reclaiming the Navajo Range: Resolving the Con-
ict Between Grazing Rights and Development, 51 C.
L. R. 953 (2019).
Schmitt, Jerey M., Limiting the Property Clause, 20 N.
L.J. 145 (2019).
Smith, Trevor J., Corn, Cows, and Climate Change: How
Federal Agriculture Subsidies Enable Factory Farming and
Exacerbate U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 9 W. J.
E’ L.  P’ 26 (2019).
Welman, Malina, e Starting Point: Structuring Newark’s
Land Use Laws at the Outset of Redevelopment to Promote
Integration Without Displacement, 53 C. J.L. 
S. P. 43 (2019).
Willis, Andrew, Zoning on Holy Ground: Developing a Coher-
ent Factor-Based Analysis for RLUIPA’s Substantial Burden
Provision, 95 C.-K L. R. 425 (2020).
Copyright © 2021 Environmental Law Institute®, Washington, DC. Reprinted with permission from ELR®,, 1-800-433-5120.

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