Recent Journal Literature

Date01 January 2021
“Recent Journal Literature” lists recently published law
review and other legal periodical articles. Within subject-
matter categories, entries are listed alphabetically by author or
title. Articles are listed rst, followed by
comments, notes, symposia, surveys, and bibliographies.
Hoemmen, Mingjie, Vertical and Horizontal Modes of Injus-
tice in Air Pollution: A Comparison of Law and Society in
China and the U.S., 59 Nat. R J. 347 (2019).
Park, MoonSook, Study on Legal Systems for Transboundary
CCS Implementation and Transboundary Environmental
Liability Regarding CCS, 16 L. U. C. I’ L. R.
45 (2020).
Amaratunga, Oshani, Climate Displaced Peoples: Utilizing
Regional Approaches to Combat Climate-Induced Displace-
ment in the 21st Century, 36 P E’ L. R. 261
Carlarne, Cinnamon P., e Space Between Grand Optimism
and Grim Determination: Finding a Pathway Forward
in International Climate Change Law, 16 L. U. C.
I’ L. R. 1 (2020).
Curry, Ian R., Establishing Climate Change Standing: A New
Approach, 36 P E’ L. R. 297 (2019).
Dellinger, Myanna, Post-Jesner Climate Change Lawsuits
Under the Alien Tort Statute, 44 C. J. E’ L. 241
MacLean, Jason, Rethinking the Role of Nonstate Actors in
International Climate Governance, 16 L. U. C. I’
L. R. 21 (2020).
McCarthy, Gina, “We Have to Talk About Climate,” 59 N.
R J. 245 (2019).
Mirasola, Christopher, e Role of Secretariats in Internation-
al Negotiations: e Case of Climate Change, 24 H.
N. L. R. 213 (2019).
Spangenberg, Ulrike et al., Moving Beyond the Narrow Lens
of Taxation: e Sustainable Development Goals as an Op-
portunity for Fair and Sustainable Taxation, 26 C. J.
E. L. 36 (2019).
Supekar, Sunjana, Equitable Resettlement for Climate Change-
Displaced Communities in the United States, 66 UCLA L.
R. 1290 (2019).
Walters, Daniel E., Animal Agriculture Liability for Climatic
Nuisance: A Path Forward for Climate Change Litigation?,
44 C. J. E’ L. 299 (2019).
Coleman, James W. & Alexandra B. Klass, Energy and Emi-
nent Domain, 104 M. L. R. 659 (2019).
Cowan, Robert K., Dierent Name, Same Result: Why Master
Limited Partnerships Are Unlikely to Finance Our Green
Energy Future, 98 T. L. R. 357 (2019).
Damjanovic, Ivana & Ottavio Quirico, Intra-EU Investment
Dispute Settlement Under the Energy Charter Treaty in
Light of Achmea and Vattenfall: A Matter of Priority,
26 C. J. E. L. 102 (2019).
Jacobs, Sharon B., e Statutory Separation of Powers,
129 Y L.J. 378 (2019).
Jones, Kamilah et al., e Future of Pipelines, 51 ELR 10005
(Jan 2021).
Maury, Luke A., e Law of Nuclear Power in the Warmth of
the Anthropocene, 45 R C  T. L.J.
97 (2019).
Metz, Matthew N. & Janelle London, Governing the Gasoline
Spigot: Gas Stations and the Transition Away From Gaso-
line, 51 ELR 10054 (Jan. 2021).
Murphy, Sarah, Watt Now?: Smart Meter Data Post-Carpen-
ter, 61 B.C. L. R. 785 (2020).
Richards, Raymond, Preemption, I ink Not: Evaluating
California’s Stored Energy Procurement Law Against FERC
Order 841, 36 P E’ L. R. 229 (2019).
Symposium, e Law & Energy, 94 N.D. L. R. 621
Benson, Melinda H., New Materialism: An Ontology for the
Anthropocene, 59 N. R J. 251 (2019).
Contreras, Jorge L. et al., Pledging Patents for the Public
Good: Rise and Fall of the Eco-Patent Commons,
57 H. L. R. 61 (2019).
Kelly, Melissa L. et al., Safeguarding Against Distortions of Sci-
entic Research in Federal Policymaking, 51 ELR 10014
(Jan. 2021).
Melli, Michael, Quasi-International Organizations: Cross-
Border Subnational Organizations in American Law,
28 J. T’ L.  P’ 119 (2018-2019).
Orts, Eric W. & Amy J. Sepinwall, Collective Goods and the
Court: A eory of Constitutional Commodication,
97 W. U. L. R. 637 (2020).
Roose, Rebecca, What You Don’t Know Does Protect You,
59 N. R J. xi (2019).
Shoemaker, Jessica A., Transforming Property: Reclaiming
Indigenous Land Tenures, 107 C. L. R. 1531
Soloway, Molly, Measuring Environmental Justice: Analysis of
Progress Under Presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump,
51 ELR 10038 (Jan. 2021).
Tekuya, Mahemud Eshtu, Governing the Nile Under Climatic
Uncertainty: e Need for a Climate-Proof Basin-Wide
Treaty, 59 N. R J. 321 (2019).
White, Cierra, Betting on Blockchain, 17 C. T. L.J.
421 (2019).
Copyright © 2021 Environmental Law Institute®, Washington, DC. Reprinted with permission from ELR®,, 1-800-433-5120.

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