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Date01 February 2020
Elefritz, Danielle, “From Frisbees to Flatulence?”: Regulating
Greenhouse Gases From Concentrated Animal Feeding Opera-
tions Under the Clean Air Act, 48 E. L. 891 (2018).
Rahman, Naznen, A Comparative Analysis of Air Pollution
Control in Delhi and Beijing: Can India’s Model of Judicial
Activism Aect Environmental Change in China?, 27 T. J.
I’  C. L. 151 (2018).
Adams-Schoen, Sarah J., Beyond Localism: Harnessing State Adap-
tation Lawmaking to Facilitate Local Climate Resilience,
8 M. J. E.  A. L. 185 (2018).
Chong, Daniel Ling Tien, Climate Change and the Role of Emerg-
ing Economies, 50 ELR 10125 (Feb. 2020).
Dreyzin, Gary, e Next Wave of Climate Change Litigation:
Comparing Constitutional Inverse Condemnation Claims in
the United States, South Africa, and Japan, 31 G. E. L.
R. 183 (2018).
Leal-Arcas, Rafael & Antonio Morelli, e Resilience of the Paris
Agreement: Negotiating and Implementing the Climate Regime,
31 G. E. L. R. 1 (2018).
Malone, Linda A., e Emperor’s New Clothes: e Variety of Stake-
holders in Climate Change Regulation Assuming the Mantle
of Federal and International Authority, 79 O S. L.J. 705
McKinstry, Robert B. & John C. Dernbach, Applying the Pennsyl-
vania Environmental Rights Amendment Meaningfully to Cli-
mate Disruption, 8 M. J. E.  A. L. 49 (2018).
Mehling, Michael A. et al., Linking Heterogeneous Climate Policies
(Consistent With the Paris Agreement), 48 E. L. 647
Murthy, Sharmila L., States and Cities as “Norm Sustainers”: A
Role for Subnational Actors in the Paris Agreement on Climate
Change, 37 V. E. L.J. 1 (2019).
Pettus, Kelley, e First American Climate Refugees and the Need
for Proactive Relocation, 87 G. W. L. R. 172 (2019).
Segall, Craig Holt, Democracy Defense as Climate Change Law, 50
ELR 10115 (Feb. 2020).
Sheldon, Ian, Economic and Legal Analysis of Climate Policy and
Border Tax Adjustments: Federal Vs. State Regulation,
79 O S. L.J. 781 (2018).
Spiegel-Feld, Danielle & Lauren Sherman, Expanding Green
Roofs in New York City: Towards a Location-Specic Tax
Incentive, 26 N.Y.U. E. L.J. 297 (2018).
Vizcarra, Hana V., e Reasonable Investor and Climate-Related
Information: Changing Expectations for Financial Disclosures,
50 ELR 10106 (Feb. 2020).
Symposium, Is Climate Change Making Us Sick? e Future
of Public Health in a Climate Altered World, 18 H. J.
H L.  P’ 1 (2018).
Bressler, Jason, Blocking Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines: How
to Curb Climate Change While Strengthening the Nation’s
Energy System, 44 C. J. E. L. 137 (2019).
Campau, Joan, Presidential Permitting for Pipelines: Constitu-
tionality and Reviewability, 8 M. J. E.  A. L.
273 (2018).
Davis, Katherine, Seismicity Induced by Hydraulic Fracturing and
Wastewater Disposal Injection: A Comparison of Regulatory
Frameworks, 27 T. J. I’  C. L. 93 (2018).
Dillard, Stephen C. et al., Nuisance Cases Against Energy Compa-
nies in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Other Areas With Signicant
or Developing Oil and Gas Exploration, 59 S. T. L. R.
447 (2018).
Hokanson, Mitchell, Avoiding the Doldrums: Evaluating the
Need for Change in the Oshore Wind Permitting Process,
44 C. J. E. L. 181 (2019).
Klass, Alexandra B., Public Utilities and Transportation Electri-
cation, 104 I L. R. 545 (2019).
McAnulty, Hale, A Dirty Waste—How Renewable Energy Policies
Have Financed the Unsustainable Waste-to-Energy Industry,
60 B.C. L. R. 387 (2019).
Mormann, Felix, Market Segmentation Vs. Subsidization: Clean
Energy Credits and the Commerce Clause’s Economic Wisdom,
93 W. L. R. 1853 (2018).
Wells, Bret & Tracy Hester, Abandoned but Not Forgotten:
Improperly Plugged and Orphaned Wells May Pose Seri-
ous Concerns for Shale Development, 8 M. J. E. 
A. L. 115 (2018).
Symposium, Paris, Policy, and the Grid, 33 C. J. I’ L.
305 (2018).
Crawford, Colin, Access to Justice for Four Billion: Urban
and Environmental Options and Challenges, 26 N.Y.U.
E. L.J. 340 (2018).
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