Recent journal literature

Date01 April 2021
“Recent Journal Literature” lists recently published law
review and other legal periodical articles. Within subject-
matter categories, entries are listed alphabetically by author
or title. Articles are listed rst, followed by comments, notes,
symposia, surveys, and bibliographies.
Bosch, Daniel W. Jr., Rocking the Boat: e Legal Implications
of IMO 2020 for Future IMO Greenhouse Gas Reduction
Strategies and the Impacts to Louisiana, 8 LSU J. E
L.  R 261 (2019).
Raether, Amelia, Commandeering, Preemption, and Vehicle
Emissions Regulation Post-Murphy v. NCAA, 114 N.
U. L. R. 1015 (2020).
Wingard, Lee, California Communities Against Toxics v.
Environmental Protection Agency: Declining to Review
and the Impact of Source Reclassication for Hazardous Air
Pollutants, 33 T. E’ L.J. 267 (2020).
Bogart, Grace, Using Blockchain to Address the IPCC’s Cli-
mate Change Mitigation Strategies, 51 ELR 10296 (Apr.
Chen, Julia, Financing the Sustainable Development Goals:
e Role of African Sovereign Wealth Funds, 51 N.Y.U. J.
I’ L.  P. 1259 (2019).
Green, Shelby D., Ex Situ Preservation of Historic Monuments
in the Era of Climate Change, 18 C. P. I. L.J.
221 (2019).
Khosravi, Roya, Bound by Paris: States’ Human Rights Obliga-
tions as an Impetus for Environmental Protection and
Action Against Climate Change, 8 LSU J. E L. 
R 287 (2019).
Quirke, Michael A., We Can Fight Climate Change With the
Army We Have, 31 V. E’ L.J. 1 (2019).
Rausch, Joseph, e Necessity Defense and Climate Change:
A Climate Change Litigant’s Guide, 44 C. J. E’
L. 553 (2019).
Stein, Amy L., Articial Intelligence and Climate Change,
37 Y J.  R. 890 (2020).
Allain, Mark, City of Oberlin v. FERC: e D.C. Circuit
Questions the “Public Benet” of Export Market Demand
in Pipeline Eminent Domain Proceeding, 33 T. E’
L.J. 179 (2020).
Ferrey, Steven, Against the Wind—Sustainability, Migra-
tion, Presidential Discretion, 44 C. J. E’ L. 341
Kisiel, Edwin, Solar Panels in Condominium Communities,
8 LSU J. E L.  R 207 (2019).
Klass, Alexandra B., Regulating the Energy “Free Riders,”
100 B.U. L. R. 581 (2020).
Lacson, April, What Happens Now? e Future of Intra-
E.U. Investor-State Dispute Settlement Under the Energy
Charter Treaty, 51 N.Y.U. J. I’ L.  P. 1327
Luke, Dalton, Zero Emission Credits: Does Supporting Nuclear
Power Help Us to Achieve Our Environmental and Eco-
nomic Goals?, 33 T. E’ L.J. 161 (2020).
Melo, Rizzlyn Terri M., We Didn’t Start the Fire . . . Did We?
Analyzing Why California Cannot Seem to Extinguish
Its Worsening Wildre Problem, 31 V. E’ L.J. 165
Moody, Rachel Falgout, Let’s Tariff Like It’s 1773: The
Intelligible Principles Are Coming! Section 232 Tariffs
on Steel, 8 LSU J. E L.  R 311
Nordman, Anthony & Isaac Hall, Up in Flames: Containing
Wildre Liability for Utilities in the West, 33 T. E’
L.J. 55 (2020).
Norem, Erick III, An Electric Future for Today: An Analysis
of Policy Options for State and Provincial Electric Vehicle
Impact Standards to Expand Electric Vehicle Use, 8 LSU J.
E L.  R 127 (2019).
Ottinger, Patrick S., A Funny ing Happened at the Well-
head: “Post-Production Costs and Responsibility erefor,
8 LSU J. E L.  R 1 (2019).
Ristroph, Barrett & Martin Robards, Preparing for the After-
math of Drilling on Arctic Lands, 8 LSU J. E L. 
R 155 (2019).
Stanescu, Catalin Gabriel et al., Petroleum Concessions,
Licenses and Leases: “Same-Same but Dierent”?, 8 LSU J.
E L.  R 95 (2019).
Trumbower, Taylor, Cowpasture River Preservation Associa-
tion v. Forest Service: e Fourth Circuit Vacates and
Rebukes Forest Service’s Mysterious Change of Heart,
33 T. E’ L.J. 239 (2020).
Wear, Robert, Defenders of Wildlife v. United States Depart-
ment of the Interior: e Fourth Circuit Refuses to Back
Down to Industry in eir Rigid Review of Biological
Opinions, 33 T. E’ L.J. 253 (2020).
Zimmer, James, Pulling Out of Paris and Following Connecti-
cut: Aggressive State Energy Policy in the Trump Era,
34 C. J. I’ L. 255 (2019).
Dernbach, John C. & Scott E. Schang, Making America
a Better Place for All: Sustainable Development Recom-
mendations for the Biden Administration, 51 ELR 10310
(Apr. 2021).
Farnworth, Chandler, Herrera v. Wyoming: e Supreme
Court’s Most Recent Attempt to Balance Tribal Rights, State
Power, and Conservation Eorts, 33 T. E’ L.J. 195
Goot, Miranda, Emerging oughts: A Principled Framework
for Regulating GenX as an Emerging Contaminant, 98
N.C. L. R. 629 (2020).
Copyright © 2021 Environmental Law Institute®, Washington, DC. Reprinted with permission from ELR®,, 1-800-433-5120.

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