Recent books of interest.


These recently received books of interest are listed because of the breadth or range of their subject matter or freshness of their approach. Listing of a book here does not preclude a noting or review of that book.

Steve Adams. The Best & Worst Country in the World: Perspectives on the Early Virginia Landscape. University Press of Virginia. 305 pages. Cloth $55.00. Paper $19.50.

Mark Allister. Refiguring the Map of Sorrow: Nature Writing and Autobiography. University Press of Virginia. 2001. 199 pages. Cloth $49.50. Paper $19.50.

Karla Armbruster and Kathleen R. Wallace, editors. Beyond Nature Writing: Expanding the Boundaries of Ecocriticism. University Press of Virginia. 2001. 372 pages. Cloth $75.00. Paper $22.50.

Paul Ashdown and Edward Caudill. The Mosby Myth: A Confederate Hero in Life and Legend. Scholarly Resources. 2001. 231 pages. Cloth $60.00. Paper $17.95.

Houston A. Baker, Jr. Critical Memory: Public Spheres, African American Writing, and Black Fathers and Sons in America. The University of Georgia Press. 2001. 75 pages. Cloth $24.95.

James Beament. The Violin Explained: Components, Mechanism, and Sound. Oxford University Press. 2000. 245 pages. Paper $24.95.

Maurice Blanchot. Faux Pas. Translated by Charlotte Mandell. Stanford University Press. 2001. 309 pages. Cloth $49.50. Paper $19.95.

Ronald A. Bosco, editor. The Later Lectures of Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1843-1871. 2 volumes. The University of Georgia Press. 2001. 795 pages. Cloth $130.00.

Dickson D. Bruce, Jr. The Origins of African American Literature, 1680-1865. University of Virginia Press. 2001. 374 pages. Cloth $55.00. Paper $19.50

James M. Cahalan. Edward Abbey: A Life. The University of Arizona Press. 2001. 357 pages. Cloth $27.95.

David Clarke. The Music and Thought of Michael Tippett: Modern Times and Metaphysics. Cambridge University Press. 2002. 343 pages. Cloth $70.00.

Thomas Cooley. The Ivory Leg in the Ebony Cabinet: Madness, Race, and Gender in Victorian America. University of Massachusetts Press. 2001. 302 pages. Cloth $34.95.

Beth Rigel Daugherty and Mary Beth Pringle, editors. Approaches to Teaching Woolf's To The Lighthouse. The Modern Language Association of America. 2001. 211 pages. Cloth $37.50. Paper $18.00.

John N. Duvall, editor. Productive Postmodernism: Consuming Histories and Cultural Studies. State University of New York Press. 2002. 224 pages. Paper $19.95.

David L. Eng. Racial Castration: Managing Masculinity In Asian America. Duke University Press. 2001. 290...

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