Various books, pamphlets, tapes, and periodicals, solicited and unsolicited, are received from time to time at the editorial offices of the Military Law Redew. With volume SO, the Remew began adding short descriptive comments ta the standard bibliographic information published in previous volumes. These comments are prepared by the editor after brief examination of the publications discussed. The number of items received makes formal review of the great majority of them impossible.

The comments in these notes are not intended to be interpreted asrecommendations for or against the books and ather witings described. These comments serve only as information for the guidance of ow readers who may want to obtain and examine one or more of the publications further on their own initiative. However, description of an item in this section does not preclude simultaneous or subsequent review in the Military Law Reeiew.

Nates are set forth in Section V, below, are arranged in alphabetical order by name af the fist author or editor listed in the publication, and are numbered accordingiy. In Section 111, Authors or Editors of Publications Noted, and in Section IV, Titles Noted, below, the number in parentheses following each entry is the number ofthe corresponding note in Section V. Far books having more than one principal author or editor, all authors and editors are listed in Section 111.

In Section 11, Publishers or Printers of Publications Xoted, all h s or organizations are listed whose names are dispiayed on the cover or onor near the title page of a noted publication. Excluded from this list are institutional authors and editors who are listed in Section 111. No distinction is made in Section I1 among coppight owners, licensees, distributers, or printers for hire.

The opinions and conclusions expressed in the notes in Section V are those of the editor of the Mzltiary Law Revzm. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Judge Advocate General's School, the Department of the Amy, or any other governmental agency.


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