Reasonable accommodation: light duty need not be continued.

Position::Hosier v. Nicholson, 2006 WL 2816604 - Brief article

When the LPN was hired she had an understanding with the person who hired her that she would be allowed to work in the hospital's emergency room or outpatient clinics rather than on the patient care floors where the physical requirements were too demanding for her.

The LPN had chronic venous insufficiency in her right lower leg, arthritis and degenerative joint disease in her right knee and lumbar radiculopathy, all of which made it difficult for her to stand and walk for extended periods and impossible for her to do any heavy lifting.

However, in the midst of a nursing staff shortage hospital management had to change its policies. All nurses would have to meet the hospital's standards for standing, walking, bending, stretching, pushing, pulling and being able to lift and turn patients. Secondly, the LPN position in the emergency department was eliminated, forcing the nurse in question to move to a nursing-home-care floor which, after only one day, proved impossible for her.

Employer's Reasonable Expectations No...

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