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Broomfield coverage lacking.

Just a note on your April ColoradoBiz that arrived today. I did not realize you were doing a feature story on Broomfield but found it very interesting along with the stories on space technology and Montgomery Watson Harza. I only wish that prior to running the story on Broomfield your staff had called us or the city, as some of the numbers on the air photo on pages 38 and 39 were incorrectly located, specifically Broomfield Business Center and MainStreet at Flatiron. Also, I thought you might have wished to include data on interlocken Advanced Technology Environment Business Park (963 acres), Great Western Corporate Center (340 acres) and Skyway Business Center (27 acres), all of which have major buildings and developments already in place.

Donald C. Dunshee, President & CEO

Broomfield Economic Development corporation


Ethics in business or even personal ethics (Jeff Rundles' March column, "Ethics in business? Hal") presupposes a conscience: a belief that there is a right and wrong, and the end doesn't justify the means. So the Enron executive, giving in to the ultimate human guilt, committed suicide. You're right, we don't know if it was because he got caught, or was truly remorseful and knew he and the whole bunch of lackeys were wrong!

But I'd like to go back to your headline, "Ethics...

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