Author:Dakhoir, Ahmad
Position:Report - Abstract


The development of Islamic social finance system is based on, not only public social funds such as zakah, waqf, infaq, alms, charity etc., but also living local values and cultural values, that is saprah amal which is live in Banjar community (Daud, 1997). Saprah amal is an activity in Banjar community to raise funds and then it is used to build infrastructures, school building, mosque and other social facilities, which saprah amal is practiced by people in way people buy a product, either clothes, foods or services which its price is more expensive than normal price and its money from saprah amal activity, including capital price and profit, is donated to the infrastructure development afterward (P3EI, 2014).

Saprah amal was being a tradition of Banjar community. People will raise funds through saprah amal, especially, when they want to build mosque, school building, health clinic, hospital, Islamic boarding school, traditional market, etc. Banjar community will easily work together to build social facilities through saprah amal, even if its funding needs is very expensive. Related to social finances system in Islam, saprah amal concept will be useful for public economic growth through infrastructure development (Suharto, 2004). Moreover, Indonesia is still needs additional social funds to build big projects such as mosque, public facilities, Islamic boarding school, etc. (Dakhoir, 2015). Saprah amal is very relevant to support government as well as public economy in effective and efficient way. Those things above are the important reason behind the author interest to study about saprah amal in Banjar community. In addition, saprah amal was implementing since long time ago. Saprah amal concept is very potential for public social finances system growth in Indonesia.

This paper used economic and cultural approach. Conceptual approach has been used to find conceptual frame of Saprah amal mechanism in Banjar community. Economical approach has been used to find the economic potency such as input, process and output in saprah amal activities, and cultural approach has been used to find saprah amal culture as local values in Banjar community which is useful for local economic development.


Saprah Amal Concept and Banjar Community

Saprah Amal originated from Arabic that is Safarah al'Amal. "Safarah" means to travel and "amal" means charity. (1) So that safarah al'amal means charity in travelling. Charity in this term is buying something with high price that more expensive than normal price of the product or service (Aflah, 2009). In addition to sale and purchase transactions, saprah amal is practiced also through other community activities such as Islamic music entertainment, auction of an economic product, Islamic discourse by Kyai (Islamic expert), and selling either boiled egg or omelette that has been blessed by Kyai or religious leaders (Noor, 2012).

Sale and purchase transactions in saprah amal activity are doing through raising the price over normal price in order to collect social funds as its purpose. The social fund that has been collected is used to build social infrastructures such as school building, mosque, etc. The price that exceeds normal price is considered as charity that will be collected for the purpose of social infrastructures development. (2)

According to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (A Great Dictionary of Bahasa Indonesia), saprah amal is an area of sale and purchase transactions by community in order to collect social funds for public welfare (Tim, 2008). Saprah...

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