Rapp, Adam. Under the wolf, under the dog.

Author:Rohrlick, Paula
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

RAPP, Adam. Under the wolf, under the dog. Candlewick. 320p. c2004. 0-7636-1818-7. $16.99. SA

Steve is in a resident treatment facility for junkies and suicidal teens, and in order to figure out how he ended up there he keeps a journal, looking back at his life so far. And what a grim life it has been--his mother died of cancer a few months ago; his drugged-out older brother, a former basketball star sidelined by sciatica, committed suicide recently; and his father is almost catatonic with depression. "Grief does strange things to all of us," one character notes, and Steve, in trying to cope with his losses, goes off the deep end. He kicks in TV sets at his father's electronics shop, and gets so wasted on cough syrup he ends up blinding himself in one eye. He runs off with June, a young girl he meets, and then abandons her on a bus. The end holds out some hope, however, as Steve...

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