Author:Darymple, Deanne
Position:Product/service evaluation

RapidBuilder, CD-ROM, 2006, XStream Software, Inc., $10000-$20000.

Thirty-three training and education professionals rated the authoring tools they have used regularly to create instructional content. This review summarizes the comments of the panelists who have used this product and presents their overall average rating. The 24 products the panel evaluated are included in the TMR Report on Leading Authoring Tools, edited by Deanne Darymple and Katica Roy.

Best Uses

RapidBuilder is a web-based enterprise application designed for authoring "systems or processes training [and] applications demos." It is a multimedia tool built on a video model (as opposed to a screen capture model) that simulates systems such as Microsoft Windows.

One reviewer noted:

RapidBuilder is good for creating "show me" and "guide me" style demonstrations and interactions; it is especially well suited for teaching computer system processes. It also can be used to make true, unguided, "let me practice" systems simulations, provided the developer is given enough time to create them. One reviewer suggested RapidBuilder is a good tool for "experienced developers" rather than novices.

Please note that the prices listed above for this product are estimates of the lowest price. An enterprise product isn't off the shelf so each customer needs to obtain a quote specific to its needs and numbers.

XStream Software's RapidBuilder shouldn't be confused with a low-cost web development application with the same name. The two are as different...

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