Ranken Technical College launches Haas training center.

Position:Presstime Notes - Hands-on technical education in the metalworking trades

Class is now in session at the Haas Technical Center located on the St. Louis, MO, campus of Ranken Technical College. The center was formally dedicated this past November.

The Haas Technical Center is sponsored by Haas Automation Inc., Oxnard, CA, a leading manufacturer of computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools. Equipped with more than $600,000 in computerized numerical control (CNC) equipment, the Center will provide hands-on technical education in the metalworking trades. It offers Ranken students the opportunity to learn on equipment they will encounter when they enter the work force.

R. Stephen Flynn, president of the local Haas Factory Outlet, says: "Only through hands-on experience can students make the theories they discuss in the classroom come alive on the shop floor. We chose Ranken because of their reputation for excellence in technical training and their unique relationship with regional employers."

"We're sitting at a crossroad and have the unique...

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