Ralph De La Vega.

Author:Ferraez, Jorge

One of the best leadership stories out there is that of Ralph de la Vega, a man who has gone where few others have gone before, due to his capacities, charisma and leadership.

We came to know Ralph some 12 years ago when he was at Cingular, and we interviewed him at his offices in Atlanta. We remember him talking avidly to us for more than an hour; his story as a refugee child when he was only 12 is really compelling.

More than a decade later, Ralph still is making news and I went to see him in Atlanta again, but this time as Vice Chairman of AT&T and CEO of AT&T International. His company has been responsible for the success of gadgets like the iPhone, but also for the recent acquisition of two small players in the wireless communications industry in Mexico to compete against the giant Tel-Cel in an emerging and promising market of more than 120 million people.

Again, our hour and a half long conversation was fantastic, full of anecdotes and experiences you can only hear when you are face to face with leaders like him.

Probably one of the most enjoyable parts of our conversation was when he explained to me one of his leadership principles: "To succeed in every challenge, you have to have a team that has three main characteristics: the talent to do the task in front of them, a clear vision of the objective and mission, and a willingness to sacrifice and work long enough to get the goal accomplished." That was one of the best lessons on leadership I have ever had.

Also in this edition we have the great work of a man who is not only an expert in many...

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