Raising Teens with Diabetes.

Author:Scott, Barbara Bamberger
Position:Book review

Moira McCarthy (author); RAISING TEENS WITH DIABETES; Spry Publishing (Nonfiction: Health & Fitness) 15.95 ISBN: 9781938170201

Byline: Barbara Bamberger Scott

"Transitioning teens' diabetes care from your full supervision to something they handle on their own is not done with the snap of a finger," writes Moira McCarthy, author and public speaker, who has organized a readily comprehensible handbook for parents of teenagers with juvenile (Type I) diabetes.

"Raising a child with diabetes is all-consuming it can wear you down," McCarthy writes. "The best thing a parent and teen can do is gather information." Adolescence is a testing time for families, but more so when the teen suffers from diabetes. McCarthy emphasizes that all teens just want to be normal and accepted; having to prick their finger, carry an insulin pump, even to admit that they have a medical condition, frustrates that need to fit in with their peers. Because of this, while at school or with their friends, teens may neglect vital medical routine they were apparently responsible about when they were preteens. In short, a good kid can turn into an adolescent monster, and that monster can wind up in the ER -- an experience the author recounts.

McCarthy's book sagely advises a team approach. School nurses and other counselors will have to be on board, and teens will need to try to let others know that they have a special condition. But even this strategy needs to be brokered with some buy-in from teens who are in...

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