How to be a 'rainmaker': 7 clues that a prospect is really a suspect.

Author:Fleetham, Charlie

If you want to make your businesses grow, you need to sniff out prospects and turn them into clients. This hard and time-consuming work is worth it when the journey ends in a new business relationship. But sometimes a prospect, despite some real indication of interest, is nothing more than a suspect--a person who is never, no matter what, going to bite.


Sorting prospects from suspects is an art. It requires analyzing the situation to see if the prospect realistically needs your service or product. But it also requires using a less tangible skill--listening to your internal voice.

We have two voices inside of us. The dominant one, the one we have been taught to heed, is a rational voice informed by the outside world's opinions and rules. But we also hear another voice--this voice, although subordinate, is also strong. It springs from the unconscious, providing us with a wealth of information.

You don't want to sell to people who don't value your products or services. Your goal is to figure out, as quickly as possible, that those who value what you have to offer are your prospects and those who will not are your suspects. Listening to your inner voice shortens that process.

Here are seven clues I've found helpful for identifying a suspect:

Clue No. 1: The prospect zaps your energy. A conversation with this prospect is like riding a bicycle through mud.

Clue No. 2: You get befuddled and confused when you talk to this prospect. He has changed his mind so many times, you...

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