Rain Proof Roofing and the Reillys: More than half a century of community support.


For nearly sixty years Rain Proof Roofing has been an integral part of Alaska's business community. Founded in 1962 by Jack Markley, the company is owned and operated today by Pat and April Reilly (nee Markley). The couple, who started dating in high school, are significant contributors to nonprofit organizations throughout their community, says Flora Teo, president of Junior Achievement, noting that the Reilly's were chosen as 2020 Alaska Business Hall of Fame Laureates "for their significant contributions to the growth of Alaska's economy and demonstrated commitment to the principals that Junior Achievement teaches young people--financial literacy, workforce readiness, and entrepreneurship."

Rain Proof Roofing's investment in Alaska starts with creating jobs, employing between 60 and 100 workers depending on the season, and by purchasing roofing supplies locally. It goes a step further through their support of nonprofit organizations including Junior Achievement of Alaska, Boys b Girls Clubs of Anchorage, Habitat for Humanity. YMCA, Bean's Cafe, and United Way. The company sponsored Junior Achievement programs for 280 students during the 2019-2020 school year, Teo says.

Pat Reilly--who started running the company as its president in 1978--officially took over at Rain Proof Roofing in the early '80s after buying out April's father's share of the company. The family company has grown steadily over the years from a six-truck operation in the early '70s to fifty some trucks today, providing roofing peace of mind to homeowners in communities throughout Anchorage, Wasilla, and the Kenai Peninsula.

During the nomination process. Rain Proof Roofing demonstrated unique qualities that helped make the company and its owners stand out. "[The company] provides outstanding service and support to customers all over the state--which is no easy feat in Alaska. With projects from the North Slope to Southeast, from the roof on your home to the Military Mall on Elmendorf Air Force Base. Rain Proof Roofing maintains a standard of excellence across the board." says Teo.

It was also Rain Proof Roofing's "above-average commitment to the highest quality of service for their customers" that prompted the Reilly's business peers to nominate them for the Alaska Business Hall of Fame. "This standard garnered national attention and earned Rain Proof Roofing the Centurion Award--a national recognition given by Carlisle SynTec Systems to honor companies that have 100...

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