National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak)



60 Massachusetts Avenue NE., Washington, DC 20002

Phone, 202-906-3000. Internet,

Board of Directors:

Chairman John Robert Smith

Members Sylvia de Leon, Michael Dukakis, Linwood Holton, David Lancy, Amy Rosen

Member ex officio (Secretary of Transportation) Norman Y. Mineta


President and Chief Executive Officer David L. Gunn

Chief Financial Officer Deno Bokas

Vice President, Labor Relations Joseph M. Bress

Senior Vice President, Operations William L. Crosbie

Chief, System Safety and Security Ernest R. Frazier

Vice President, Human Resources Lorraine A. Green

Vice President, Business Diversity Gerri Mason Hall

Chief Engineer David Hughes

Chief Mechanical Officer Jonathan Klein

Vice President, Planning and Business Gilbert O. Mallery


Vice President, Government Affairs and Policy Joseph H. McHugh

Vice President, Marketing and Sales Barbara J. Richardson

Vice President, Procurement and Materials Michael J. Rienzi


General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Alicia M. Serfaty

Vice President, Operations Edward V. Walker

Inspector General Fred E. Weiderhold


The National Railroad Passenger Corporation was established to develop the potential of modern rail service in meeting the Nation's intercity passenger transportation needs.

The National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) was created by the Rail Passenger Service Act of 1970, as amended (49 U.S.C. 241), and was

incorporated under the laws of the District of Columbia to provide a balanced national transportation system by developing, operating, and improving U.S. intercity rail passenger service.

Amtrak operates an average of 212 trains per day, serving over 540 station locations in 46 States, over a system of approximately 22,000 route miles. Of this route system, Amtrak owns less than 1,000 track miles in the Northeast Corridor (Washington-New York-Boston; New Haven-

Springfield; Philadelphia-Harrisburg), and several other small track segments throughout the country.

Amtrak owns or leases its stations and owns its own repair and maintenance facilities. The Corporation employs a total work force of approximately 22,205 and provides all reservation, station, and on-board service staffs, as well as train and engine operating crews. Outside the Northeast Corridor, Amtrak has historically contracted with privately or publicly owned...

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