Rafael Amargo & Compañía de Flamenco: Tiempo Muerto.

Author:Mangual, Rudy
Position:Dance production

Rafael Amargo & Compañia de Flamenco

Tiempo Muerto

Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, Los Angeles, California

September 4-11, 2008

Rafael Amargo & Compañia de Flamenco made its California debut at the beautiful Nate Holden Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles on September 4 to 11, 2008, performing its most recent work, "Tiempo Muerto" (Time Out), during an evening of eclectic and riveting flamenco dance. Born in Granada, Spain, Rafael Amargo is an excellent dancer/choreographer at the level of his comrades Joaquin Cortes (the leading international flamenco star), Antonio Canales (considered the strongest and most powerful dancer), and Sara Baras (the blood and essence of flamenco). As for Amargo, his originality and diversity in cleverly assimilating other dance forms and styles into his routines is what sets him apart. With "Tiempo Muerto", Amargo's sixth dance production, he has returned to his roots, to the essence of flamenco. His powerful ballet troupe includes Eli Ayala, Carmen Iglesias, Rosa Jiménez and Susi Parra. Providing the distinctive accompaniment for this performance were musical director/flutist Juan Parrilla (one of the biggest names in flamenco), José Andrés Cortes and Eduardo Cortes (Spanish guitars), Antonio Maya (cajón flamenco), Leonardo Osorio (piano and bass), John Krovoza (cello), Rodney Dassis...

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