Author:Singleton, Marilyn M.

Now that the Russia collusion story has lost its glow, the Left's narrative--beyond, of course, impeachment--is that anyone expressing a contrary opinion is a racist. It is so exhausting.

What is a racist, anyway?--an individual who believes that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that these differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. Tethering a rival to racism is designed to be a career-ender. Thus, some presidential hopefuls profess embarrassment and remorse because they are Caucasian, while others believe themselves to be morally superior because they are not.

The political pot-stirrers wail that our country is racist, despite the fact that we elected the son of a black African and a white American to be our leader. At about 12% of the population, the "black vote" could not have unilaterally pulled this off. Barack Obama captured the white vote even after supporting his pastor whose "incendiary language" expressed hatred toward white folks. Because they shifted their political allegiance, the same 2008 Obama voters now are considered racists.

We have arrived at a place so vitriolic and demented that Ivanka Trump was called a racist because she bought a little white puppy for her child. By today's standard, Pres. Bill Clinton is a racist because his ill-fated Waco tank attack in 1993 killed some 40 ethnic minority persons. Then there was Attorney General Eric Holder's Justice Department refusing to allow a North Carolina town to hold nonpartisan local elections on the grounds that removing the partisan cue (Democrat) in municipal elections likely would eliminate the single factor that allows black candidates to be elected to office.

Indeed, is black filmmaker Spike Lee a racist for making the movie "Chi-Raq," which highlights Chicago's violence and black on black murders? Is Baltimore's former black mayor Catherine Pugh a racist for saying she could smell the dead animals while touring her city's impoverished neighborhoods? No. They were stating facts that in today's brave new world white people are forbidden from uttering. Of course, the light shed on Baltimore inspired many "racists" to help clean up distressed neighborhoods.

Also, recall a CNN radio hosfs stunning response to a black man after he expressed his belief in the merits of responsibility and hard work: "By virtue of being a white male you have white privilege." Talk about racial stereotyping--how could a black person...

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