A Race to Splendor.

Author:Charpentier, Julia Ann
Position:Book review

Ciji Ware (author); A RACE TO SPLENDOR; Sourcebooks Landmark (Fiction: Historical) $16.99 ISBN: 9781402222696

Byline: Julia Ann Charpentier

"Amelia stared at the remnants of her former life and grieved for every lost doorway and chimney of the grand Victorian lady. Somewhere in the charred ruins were the carbon splinters of a cherry wood bar and a couch where Ling Lee had met her end. The table and the lighting fixture that had broken her father's back had since dissolved into ash. She scanned the cones of black and broken plaster, some ten feet high, which looked like extinct volcanoes. Next door, the crazy, trigger-happy old lady's three-story house and back garden fence were reduced to cinders."

On April 18, 1906, a devastating earthquake hit San Francisco, a natural disaster that continues to serve as a frightful reminder that, try as we might, man cannot control geological forces. Commemorating the 105th anniversary of this catastrophe, A Race to Splendor is a gripping, heavily researched novel focusing on the story of Amelia Bradshaw, an architect involved in rebuilding two competing hotels following the tragedy. A woman ahead of her time both in terms of education and ambition, this admirable character is an inspiration even to twenty-first-century readers. (The...

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