The race is on: Detroit voters choose a mayor May 5. Which is the best for business?

Author:Mead, Chris

Why should the Detroit region's business community support your candidacy for mayor?

I have supported the growth of various kinds businesses in Detroit during my entire tenure as a public official. I encourage Detroiters to start their own businesses through my annual entrepreneurship forum. In addition to teaching existing business owners how to grow and expand their own businesses, I have been supportive of tax abatements and credits that encourage businesses to choose Detroit over other locations with seemingly more attractive incentives. I have also worked to ensure that businesses that interface with the City of Detroit receive the high level of service and efficiency that they deserve as citizens and taxpayers.


If elected, what are some of your top immediate priorities?

Public Safety: An important component will be to re-implement more community policing in Detroit. Police presence is also important, which is why I opened five mini-stations and re-opened a police precinct with more planned in the future.

Job Creation: We have to continue to support the vitality and strength of the Big Three automakers as we diversify our access to new jobs as well. When it comes to job creation we have to be creative and proactive which is one of the reasons that I created the Office of Energy and Sustainability. With the downsizing of our auto industry, "green collar" jobs can be an alternative for workers displaced by the auto industry.

Neighborhood Beautification: With federal and state money my administration is going to address neighborhood blight and demolition of dangerous structures. My administration is currently working with members of the business community to address how we can work collectively to beautify Detroit neighborhoods and retail and commercial areas.

What steps will you take to help make Detroit more business-friendly?

I will continue to support tax breaks and incentives that encourage businesses to move into Detroit and support our existing businesses that have been here through all along. I will work to make the process of securing permits and interfacing with the various departments in city government as seamless as possible for business owners. I will continue my year-round campaign that encourages Detroiters to shop in Detroit and support our local businesses. I will continue to have an open-door policy with our business community and instruct my administration to be creative and supportive of efforts...

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