Rabinyan, Dorit. Strand of a thousand pearls, a novel.

Author:Lewis, Courtney
Position:Brief Article - Book Review - Young Adult Review

Random House. 268p. c2001. 0-375-76003-2. $13.95. A

Readers interested in the strife-torn setting of modern Israel will be disappointed in the lack of politics in Dorit Rabinyan's latest book. Instead she delves into the emotionally tangled world of a Persian Jewish family, the Azizyans, looking at each member and the destructive choices they make surrounded by a family filled with love. Starting with the passionate affair between parents Solly and Iran, the book progresses through the four daughters-beautiful Sofia, obsessed Marcelle, oversexed Lizzie, the young, mentally ill Matti--and outsider son Maurice. The flavors of Persian cooking waft out of this volume to tantalize while the psychological turmoil of each family member disturbs the reader. The Azizyans raise their children to believe that all their ills will disappear upon the occasion of their marriage. As the girls marry one by one they find only more unhappiness and...

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