Rabin, Staton. Black Powder.

Author:Flint-Ferguson, Janis
Position:Brief Article - Children's Review - Book Review

RABIN, Staton. Black powder. Simon and Schuster, McElderry. 256p. c2005. 0-689-86876-6. $16.95. J

Langston Davis is a 14-year-old geek in 2010 gang-ridden L.A. He is fascinated by science, has his own telescope, and hates what guns have done to the city and to his friend, Neely Neubardt. So when his unusual science teacher, Mrs. Centauri, invites him to her house and introduces him to a once-in-a-lifetime experiment with time travel, Langston is on his way to change history. At least that is his intention. Instead he finds himself in England, where he meets and works with Dr. Roger Bacon, the Franciscan priest credited for formulating the Western version of gunpowder. Rabin takes the reader between the facts of Bacon's early experiments and the results that carry their effect into 2010 and Langston's world.

Langston is named...

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