E.R. cass correctional achievement award citations.

Author:Carroll, Pat
Position:E.R. Cass Awards

Harold W. Clarke

With 40 years of experience, Harold W. Clarke is regarded by his peers as an expert and leader in the corrections field. His contributions range from rehabilitation counselor to serving as American Correctional Association president. In 1974, Clarke began his career in corrections as an institutional counselor and parole advisor at Nebraska State Penitentiary in Lincoln, Neb. In the years that followed, Clarke served in several different capacities, including director of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services, secretary of the Washington State Department of Corrections and commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Corrections. He currently serves as director of the Virginia Department of Corrections.

During his time with the Nebraska State Penitentiary, Clarke was regarded for his character, integrity and promotion of a standard of excellence within the Nebraska prison system. He stressed the importance of rehabilitation and reentry of offenders under his supervision. Clarke is considered a "forward thinker" and has been an example of this commitment for those with whom he comes in contact.

His contributions to ACA are numerous, having served as vice president, treasurer and a member of the Board of Governors and Delegate Assembly. Clarke is a member of the Southern Association of Corrections Administrators and the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice, to add to his already respectable resume.

For his dedication, exceptional leadership and years of service to the corrections field, ACA is proud to bestow upon Harold W. Clarke the E.R. Cass Correctional Achievement Award.

Denise M. Robinson

Denise M. Robinson is regarded by her peers as an expert in the corrections field. Her contributions range from chief executive officer and president of Alvis Inc., to serving as an ACA Board of nors member. Robinson has devoted much of her time advocating for community-based...

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