Quiz How well do you use your managing time?

Position:Memo to Managers

To determine how well you maintain your team's productivity and control time loss, rate yourself on each item from 1 (almost never) to 5 (almost always):

__ I set clear guidelines for productivity during the workday.

__ I back up my talk about productivity with monitoring of what actually gets done.

__ I instill in my staff a sense of urgency about the work and why it matters.

__ I keep everyone informed about our goals and how we are doing as a group.

__ I offer more positive than negative feedback on daily tasks.

__ I cross-train employees so they can switch jobs and fill in for one another as needed.

__ I make an effort to involve my people in decision making and problem solving.

__ I see to it that our work is planned, that we stay scheduled and we start (and finish) on time.

__ I create contingency plans for times when the regular workflow is affected.

__ I stress results rather than activity.

__ I set the right...

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