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AuthorGordon P. Cleary
Admissions, 3-4
Adoptive, 4
Co-Conspirator Statement, 4
Personal, 3
Vicarious, 3
Authentication, 5-8
Audio Recordings, 6
Certified Domestic Public Docs, 8
Computer Records, 5
Email, 5
Foreign Public Documents, 7
Private Writings, 6
Self-Authenticating Certificates, 7
Video Recordings, 5
Voice Identification, 8
General Evidence Rules, 24-26
Compromise Statements, 24
Habit and Routine, 26
Judicial Notice, 26
Missing Witness or Empty Chair, 24
Subsequent Repairs, 25
Hearsay Exceptions, 9-19
Absence of Record, 14-15
Ancient Documents, 16
Domestic Public Docs
Under Seal, 14
Dying Declaration, 18
Emotion, Bodily Condition, 11-12
Excited Utterance, 10-11
Former testimony, 17
Learned Treatises, 16-17
Market Reports, 16
Medical Diagnosis/Treatment, 12
Past Recollection Recorded, 13
Present Recollection Refreshed, 13
Present Sense Impression, 10
Property Documents, 16
Public Records and Reports, 15
Records of a Regularly
Conducted Activity, 14
Against Penal Interest, 19
Against Proprietary Interest, 19
State of Mind, 12
Vital Statistics, 15
Witness’ Prior
Consistent Statement, 9
Identification, 10
Inconsistent Statement, 9
Impeachment and Rehab, 20-22
Inconsistent Sworn Statement, 20
Bad Acts, 22
Conviction, 21
Inconsistent Statement, 20
Opinion Witness
Truthful, 22
Untruthful, 21
Reputation for
Truthfulness, 22
Untruthfulness, 21
Opinion Testimony, 23
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