Author:Juneja, Priyanka

Immigration lawyer, Florentino Ramirez, saw his father work as an attorney. Now, as an attorney himself, he has found his mission by helping business owners succeed through recruitment of talent for positions that are hard to fill.

Florentino Ramirez has made it is his life's work to help immigrants realize their dreams. A prominent attorney in Dallas, Texas, Ramirez focuses on business and education related immigration. An attorney for 23 years, Ramirez has found his career to be exceptionally rewarding. "I get to establish a relationship with an individual who has dreams for both their business and their success. I get to be a part of their dream."

Ramirez was exposed to law at a very young age at home in Dallas. He recalls often waking up in the middle of the night when his dad was practicing criminal law and accompanying him to the local jail to bail a client out. Unbeknownst to him at the time, he was already on the path to becoming a lawyer himself.

After attending the University of Arkansas, Ramirez returned to Texas to go to law school at the Texas Wesleyan University School of Law, now known as Texas A&M University. After graduation, he joined his dad at his firm, Ramirez & Associates, P.C.

He didn't originally set out to be an immigration lawyer, his plan for his career was to represent international clients. Getting involved with the immigration aspect of the firm happened by chance. One day at the firm, his partner handed him the immigration handbooks and said, "here you go, you're the immigration lawyer now."

Immigration work is now a great deal of what Ramirez does today. He remembers the words of advice he was given, "Help these people with their businesses and you will grow as they grow." And he does exactly that. He helps businesses either bring their people here to the United States or he helps bring professionals to occupy positions that are hard to fill. "I liked seeing people who had helped themselves get to a point where they want to take advantage of the opportunities in this country." Through his work, Ramirez is helping pave way for the growth of the Hispanic/Latino business community. Shortly after Ramirez joined the firm, Ramirez & Associates, P.C. expanded their presence to Mexico where they opened a new office. This new office enabled the firm, who has always had a good base of Latin American clients that they've helped along the way, grow their client base and increase their impact.

As Ramirez reflects on his...

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