Q: How Should Biden Address Racial Injustice?



Associate professor of Political Science and African American Studies at Purdue University

The Biden-Harris Administration owes a large part of their victory to Black womxn who overwhelmingly voted for them and mobilized others to do the same. Therefore, the administration should prioritize the policy concerns of Black womxn, and acknowledge that Black womxn and girls view racial justice as a set of human rights that affirms their lived experiences and challenges the structures that marginalize them.

Racial justice can only happen when community policing and defunding the police as we know it occur. This means justice for Breonna Taylor, who was denied dignity and honor when a grand jury refused to indict her killers. It means passing Medicare for All, along with other policies that keep Black womxn and our families healthy.

Black womxn should also have a healthy environment that is free of environmental racism. Passing the Green New Deal is essential. Lastly, Black womxn require financial opportunities and stability. The minimum wage needs to be raised.

These four policy prescriptions each fall under the umbrella of racial justice for Black womxn, who require more than a single axis approach to fixing race-based inequality.


U.S. civil and human rights activist and author of a new book, When We Free the World, about the present and future of the United States of America

President Joe Biden needs to start with a...

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