The transportation puzzle; TranslinkeD aims to strengthen our economy with infrasturcture.

Author:Roy, Melissa

TranslinkeD had its official coming out party at this year's Mackinace Policy Conference. After an exciting presentation from Chamber President & CEO, Richard Blouse, the Grand Hotel Porch was abuzz about the great transportation assets in our region.



The TranslinkeD initiative envisions turning the Detroit Region into a global logistics hub for moving people, goods and information around the world. The Chamber's efforts are designed to leverage the region's transportation assets to create jobs and attract investment. The Chamber will promote TranslinkeD as the region looks to diversify and grow its economy.

Both our biggest opportunity and challenge is putting all of the pieces of the transportation puzzle together in one package. Our transportation system must connect the region internally and connect the region to the global, marketplace. To do so, we need to keep goods moving across our international border, improve the capacity and connectivity of our national highways, improve our Intermodal centers, continue to expand our airport's capacity and global reach and implement a transit system to connect people throughout the region.

Implementing one piece of this system without the support and connection of the other pieces will leave both our infrastructure and economy behind the rest of the country. We must understand all of the pieces that support our region's economy and how our business connect to the global marketplace. Through the TranslinkeD initiative, the Chamber has a study underway to examine both the regional connectivity to North American trade routes and the future development of our local economy. The result of this work will help The Chamber, our partners and stakeholders determine the driving factors and top priorities to help facilitate the advancement and growth of our region. Once determined, these...

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