Putting the customer first.

Author:Nicholson, Natasha
Position:From the editor

It's not about you. It's about your customers." If there's a mantra to recite about effective content marketing, that's it. The deeper meaning to this is that in order to make a connection with your audience, you must offer them something that they really need, rather than focusing on something that you want them to know about.

It starts with developing a true understanding of your audience. If we were to take this concept and break content marketing into three simple steps, that would be step one. Once your customers feel that you are a trusted source of reliable and useful information, they will come back to you--and eventually see your organization as valuable. That's step two. Step three is where that value will translate into sales. It's an organic process that takes time and patience.

It may not be the short-term blast that shows immediate...

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