Putting images in context.

Author:Nicholson, Natasha
Position:From the editor - Editorial - Brief article

When I was 12, I lived near Lake Tahoe, California, which many consider to be one of the most picturesque places on Earth. We moved there from the city so that my mother could pursue her work as an artist. That beautiful area was her inspiration. We would hike up to scenic spots, and I'd watch her sketch. She'd often wrinkle her nose at the result, but I thought all of her sketches were amazing. Then we would go back to her studio, and I would help her go through the arduous process of turning the sketch into an etching. The surprise was that she would not only create the image of some spectacular location, but that she was able to somehow capture its very essence and reveal what made that spot truly special. I always hoped that this would be the etching that someone would love enough to buy and allow her to feel successful about her work.

I've always felt a connection with images, the stories they tell, the feelings they evoke. Working on this issue reminded me of the importance of...

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