Pushing boundaries: leadership Detroit wraps up another successful program year.

Author:Riney, Bob
Position:Leadership Detroit

Most of us who have important leadership roles in the many companies located in southeast Michigan have easy access to leadership development programs designed to enhance specific leadership competencies needed in our particular role or organization. A bigger hurdle for leaders whose personal goal, as well as the goal of their company, is to produce true community leaders, is to find the right program that will elevate their regional leadership and influence.


Fortunately, the Detroit Regional Chamber Leadership Detroit Program provides that answer. Leadership Detroit is a perfect vehicle to bring strong and emerging business leaders from all types of industries together in a dynamic learning laboratory centered on extending the leadership skills that have served them well in a company to becoming a transformational regional leader.

Eleven years ago I entered the Leadership Detroit Program as a native Detroiter who felt that I had both a thorough understanding of the region and a relatively good understanding of how I could have a positive impact on the region. My year long Leadership Detroit experience demonstrated my naivete in those assumptions.

Leadership Detroit is a program that takes a deep dive through experiential learning into the core support systems that define thriving communities. Areas explored include: economic and business development; diversity and race relations; education; public safety; and media image. Each session challenges participants to re-evaluate the filters and assumptions that they have used to shape their beliefs and subsequent actions in the region. Class members who represent all aspects of diversity, industry, profession, etc. bring their unique and...

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