Purpose of the study.

Position:Chapter 2 - Brief article

In addition to helping clarify the extramarital sex practices of both men and older women, the research here is viewed as adding several other important pieces to the total picture of monogamous and non-monogamous behavior today.

First, the population investigated is a sexually liberal one, the readers of Forum magazine. In determining their views on monogamy, what is being examined is the sexual vanguard which has always led the way for the rest of the population.

Athanasiou's 1970 work sampled a similar population, although the results were affected by the presence of more conservative elements. The group has not been approached since, however, and the lapse of almost a decade indicates that it is time to see what changes have been wrought on them in the interim. Insight into the behavior of the liberal group now might provide a preview of trends to come in the more general population.

Secondly, unlike other studies, the questioning was not limited to the monogamous behavior of legally married...

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