Punishment Phase

AuthorMark G. Daniel/Robert K. Gill
Chapter 20
Punishment Phase
Table of Contents
§20:10 Punishment Phase in General
§20:11 General Statutory Law
§20:11.1 Sample Forms for Election of Assessment of Punishment
§20:12 Punishment Phase Law in General
§20:13 Punishment Phase Following Plea of Guilty
§20:14 Retrials Following a Reversal for Punishment Phase Error Only
§20:14.1 Procedural Rules
§20:14.2 Judicial Vindictiveness
§20:20 Types of Punishment Phase Evidence
§20:21 Enhancement Allegations and Evidence
§20:21.1 Statutory Law (Felonies)
§20:21.2 Statutory Law (Misdemeanors)
§20:21.3 Pleading Enhancement Allegation
§20:21.4 Reading Enhancement Allegation
§20:21.5 Burden of Proving Enhancement Allegations
§20:21.5.1 Proof of Finality
§20:21.5.2 Relevance (Proof of Identity)
§20:21.6 Methods of Proving Enhancement Allegations
§20:21.6.1 Penitentiary Packets
§20:21.6.2 Trial Court Records and Other Records
§20:21.6.3 Defendant’s Plea of True to Allegation
§20:21.6.4 Stipulations Between State and Defendant
§20:21.6.5 Admissions by Defendant
§20:21.6.6 Testimony by Witness With Personal Knowledge
§20:21.7 Types of Enhancement Allegations
§20:21.7.1 Repetition Allegations
§20:21.7.2 Habitual Allegations
§20:21.7.3 Sex Offender Allegations
§20:21.7.4 Enhancements of State Jail Felonies
§20: Defendants Punished Under Penal Code §12.35(c)
§20: Defendants Punished Under Penal Code §12.35(a)
§20:21.7.5 Enhancements for Hate Crimes
TCL’H 20-2
§20:21.7.6 Enhancement if Controlled Substance Used to Commit Offense
§20:21.7.7 Juvenile Adjudications Used for Enhancement Purposes
§20:21.7.8 Unclassified Felony Offenses and Foreign Felony Offenses
§20:21.7.9 Drug Free Zone Enhancements
§20:21.8 Attacking Enhancement Allegations and Proof
§20:21.8.1 Attacking Void Prior Convictions
§20:21.8.2 Attacking Voidable Prior Convictions
§20:21.8.3 Attacking Prior Convictions Used for Jurisdictional Purposes
§20:21.8.4 Examples of Void Sentences
§20:21.8.5 Examples of Sentences Which Are Not Void But Are
§20:22 Victim Impact Evidence
§20:22.1 Victim Impact Evidence in Non-Capital Cases
§20:22.2 Victim Impact Evidence in Capital Cases
§20:22.3 Execution Impact Evidence
§20:23 Victim Character Evidence
§20:24 Extraneous Offenses and Bad Acts
§20:24.1 Admissibility of Extraneous Offenses and Bad Acts Under Art. 37.07
§20:24.2 Admissibility of Extraneous Offenses and Bad Acts Under Art. 37.071
§20:24.3 Form: Motion to Declare Crim. Proc. Art. 37.07, §3(a), Unconstitutional
§20:24.4 Form: Defendant’s Objection to Use of Unadjudicated Extraneous Offenses
§20:24.5 Admissibility of Extraneous Offenses and Bad Acts in Rebuttal to Defensive
§20:24.6 Extraneous Offenses Under Art. 37.071
§20:25 Evidence of Character of Defendant
§20:25.1 Reputation Evidence of Defendant’s Character
§20:25.2 Cross-Examining Reputation Witness
§20:25.3 Opinion Evidence of Defendant’s Character
§20:25.4 Cross-Examining Opinion Witness
§20:25.5 Gang Affiliation Evidence of Defendant’s Character
§20:25.6 Other Evidence of Defendant’s Character
§20:26 Prior Criminal Record of Defendant
§20:27 Evidence in Mitigation of Punishment
§20:27.1 Temporary Insanity by Intoxication
§20:27.1.1 Statutory Law
§20:27.1.2 Case Law
§20:28 Notice of Intent to Use Art. 37.07 Evidence
§20:28.1 Notice in General
§20:28.2 Requesting Notice
§20:28.3 Reasonableness of Notice
§20:28.4 Sufficiency of Notice
20-3 PP
§20:28.5 Form: Request for Notice of State’s Intention to Introduce Evidence of Other
Crimes, Wrongs or Acts Under Article 37.07
§20:29RighttoSilence atPunishmentHearing
§20:30 Sudden Passion Evidence in Murder Cases
§20:40 Miscellaneous Punishment Provisions
§20:41 Reduction of Punishment to Class A Misdemeanor
§20:42 Plea in Bar
§20:43 Limited Use of Prior Convictions
§§20:50 - 20:80 [Reserved]
§20:90 Community Supervision
§20:91 General Provisions
§20:91.1 Definition of Community Supervision
§20:91.2 Constitutional Authority for Community Supervision
§20:91.3 Purpose of Community Supervision
§20:91.4 Eligibility for Community Supervision
§20:91.5 Judge Ordered Community Supervision and Limitations
§20:91.6 Jury Recommended Community Supervision and Limitations
§20:91.7 Judge Ordered Deferred Adjudication and Limitations
§20:91.7.1 Deferred Adjudication in Sex Offenses
§20:91.8 Jury Ordered Deferred Adjudication
§20:92 Term or Length of Court Ordered Community Supervision
§20:92.1 Felony Cases
§20:92.2 State Jail Felony Cases
§20:92.3 Misdemeanor Cases
§20:92.4 Extensions of Community Supervision Period
§20:92.4.1 Felony Cases
§20:92.4.2 State Jail Felony Cases
§20:92.4.3 Misdemeanor Cases
§20:92.4.4 Extensions of Community Supervision for Sex Offenders
§20:92.5 Early Termination of Community Supervision
§20:92.5.1 Early Termination of Suspended Sentences
§20:92.5.2 Early Termination of Suspended Sentences Not Permitted for
Certain Offenses
§20:92.5.3 Early Termination of Deferred Adjudication Community
§20: Deferred Adjudications for Offenses Committed
on or After September 1, 1999
§20: No Early Release for Sex Offenders
§20:92.5.4 Form: Motion for Early Release From Community Supervision
§20:92.5.5 Form: Order Reducing and Terminating Probation
§20:92.6 Expiration of Community Supervision
§20:92.6.1 Expiration of Suspended Sentences

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